5 Brilliant Ways to Use Virtual Tours in Restaurant Marketing

People weight two things when they look for a restaurant: the quality of the food and the ambience of the place. Because of this, restaurateurs must double their efforts to improve their menu and their place. They also need to advertise their food and highlight their restaurant’s ambience at the same time. What better way to do so than with the help of virtual reality technology? In this blog, we’ll discuss the ways to use virtual tours in restaurant marketing.

If you own or run your own restaurant, read this to learn how virtual tours can help your business today.

Proof that virtual tours are perfect for marketing eating places

Below is a virtual tour of a vegan café and restaurant in the Gold Coast. Check it out.

This virtual tour was embedded on a website, together with HD photos of their restaurant (with customers) and their most recommended items on the menu.

Imagine people looking for a vegan restaurant and seeing that. Do you think they will appreciate the effort of the restaurant owners for showing their restaurant’s ambience?

Yes, they will.

Do you think that they will give the place a visit?

Yes, they will.

Imagine a person or a group looking for a place to book for their private, exclusive event and seeing the same thing. Do you think they’d be thrilled to call the owners of the restaurant to discuss the deal and terms?

Yes, they would.

Convincing your online customers to visit your restaurant is the number one job of a virtual tour. Having a good VR material and using it the right way may double or triple the number of your current customers.

Find out how virtual tours can help you promote your restaurant.

Tip: When talking to a virtual tour specialist, do not be afraid to pitch in your creative ideas. VIZ360’s creators like to experiment. Share your vision and ideas with us and let’s work together to create virtual tours of your restaurant, bar, or café.

Using virtual tours in restaurant marketing

A great marketing campaign for restaurants makes a viewer imagine themselves in the advertisement or media they see.

In short, it needs to establish a connection so they feel the urge to go to the place and experience it.

If the marketing campaign fails to connect with people, the restaurant will find it hard to gain more customers and retain patrons. There’s a chance that the business might go belly up.

You don’t want your business to fail. That’s why you need to improve how you market your restaurant. Here’s how a virtual tour can help.

Promote the restaurant’s ambience

Presenting a virtual tour is a great way to share your restaurant’s vibe and interiors to those who haven’t been there. A good one makes people project themselves in the scenario and makes them want to experience what they see.

Tip: Consider creating a virtual tour that shows how the restaurant looks like when it’s empty and when it’s full of people. Show how satisfied the partons are, so the viewer will desire to experience what they see. This will hook them and will convince them to pay your restaurant a visit.

To make things easier, put a reservation/contact form beside the virtual tour. Think of one thing: conversions.

Of course, make sure that the real place matches with what they saw in VR. A hyper-realistic VR that pictures the restaurant as it makes the customers want to come back with more friends (or referrals).

Advertise on social media

Virtual tours help you reach out to your social media followers, especially when you have important announcements to make. If your restaurant, bar, or café is:

  • Undergoing a quick renovation and you want to share the new decorations and designs
  • Hosting an event and you want more people to come and party with you, or
  • Showing the new items on the menu

Of course, you’ll share the good news on social media.

Everything moves fast on social media. People who like your announcements will most likely interact with you online. Every like, comment, share, and reaction creates an instant buzz which invites more people in your circle.

Virtual tours help because it provides your page viewers with a new online experience.

Tip: If your Facebook page has over 2000 likes, you are allowed to embed a virtual tour on your page. Code and upload your VIZ360 virtual tours here.

In a platform with millions of low-quality photos and videos, your HD virtual tours will steal people’s attention and will make them want to visit a restaurant

Also, when your previous customers see the tour, they will relive their moments there. If they had a good time, they will want to come back.

Start storytelling online

In the school for digital marketers, we were taught that storytelling is an effective way to establish a strong connection with your customers.

Virtual tours tell stories. These offer a more powerful visual impact. In most cases, these are more effective than photos and videos. That makes VR tours an asset to your restaurant business.

Tip: A virtual tour of your restaurant is a blank canvass. The viewer gets to imagine what they can do in your restaurant. Special dinners? Birthday celebrations? Parties? A great virtual tour will make people imagine those moments.

Get people to talk about you

Let’s imagine a restaurant with funky themes like Hello Kitty, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Disney, Underwater, Unicorn, Spongebob Squarepants etc.

The idea already sounds interesting to a fan. But, a virtual tour gives them a peek of the place which makes them want to go there ASAP. If they’re really excited about it, they might share the news with other people who share the same interests as theirs.

See? Virtual tours get people to talk about you.

Now, let’s talk about restaurants that specialise in a country’s cuisine: Italian, Chinese, Persian, Indian, Filipino, American, Greek etc.

People invite the ones they want to impress in a nice place, right?

At the same time, people suggest restaurants to their peers to impress (even if they haven’t been to the place).

Virtual tours help them check the restaurant online. Able to see the place as a whole, they are more confident about their suggestions.

Also, virtual tours allow people to check the restaurant. After seeing a VR tour, they will understand why the other person suggested the restaurant, or why a lot of people buzz about it.

Make your Google My Business page more interesting

Your virtual tours can be uploaded on your Google My Business page. A virtual tour is a way to provide extra information about your restaurant. Apart from showing them the Street View, you also show them what the interiors look like.

Because there are interesting 360 tours on your business’s page, your prospects spend more time interacting with you. The extra seconds they spend clicking your images helps increase your search engine ranking.

When you’re on top of the search results, you get more organic traffic and more customers.

Virtual tours, when done right, increase reservations

When we’re hungry and we want to eat out but we’re not sure where to go, we do one thing.

We hop online and choose the restaurant we like.

A restaurateur must know that the digital world is full of competitors. It’s hard to stand out, but it isn’t impossible.

Consider having and using a virtual tour.

Do this if you want people to instantly say Yes to visiting your restaurant. It offers information about your restaurant’s ambience. It makes your viewers feel like they can enjoy a meal there. There is a special bond formed.

That connection is what makes your restaurant marketing effective.

We, at VIZ360, provide stunning Virtual Tours that work for your business. If you need someone to help you get started, contact us. We’re the team you need to make your dreams possible. Give us a call today (1300 557 705) and start attracting more patrons tomorrow.