5 Budget-Friendly but Awesome VR Headsets (Costs Less than $200!)

You can still explore virtual worlds even if you’re not willing to spend more than $200 on a virtual reality headset. Check out these affordable VR headsets where you can stow your smartphone in. Every product listed here will work with any iOS or Android device around. And, prices are accurate as of August 2018.



Field of view (FOV): 96o

Why we love them: Merge headsets are made from a flexible, marshmallow-like soft foam. It’s super comfortable to wear, and the material is easy to clean. It only weighs 340g, making it one of the greatest lightweight VR headsets in the market today. Merge headsets are perfect for people who are trying VR for the first time. It has user-friendly buttons and lenses which you can adjust according to your needs.

5 Budget-Friendly VR Headsets (Costs Less than £80!)

Buy Merge Headset for $29.99


Google Daydream 2

Field of view (FOV): 100o

Why we love them: The second Google Daydream is far better than the first one because it’s compatible with a wide range of Android devices. The previous version was only suited for Google Pixel smartphones. The form-fitted headset is only 261g and surrounded with a soft, breathable fabric.

Above all, Google Daydream 2 features a built-in VR interface which allows you to download and run applications from Google Play. You can navigate this with your headset and a remote alone.

5 Budget-Friendly VR Headsets (Costs Less than £80!)

Purchase from Google $149.00 or view discounted prices.



Field of view (FOV): 103o

Why we love them: iVROX VR Headsets strive to reduce eyestrain with their anti-glare lens and an impressive field of view. It’s stylish, remote controlled, and compatible with six-inch iOS and Android devices.

5 Budget-Friendly VR Headsets (Costs Less than £80!)

Buy discounted iVROX headset (£49.99 or $91)


Samsung Gear VR 2

Field of view (FOV): 96o

Why we love them: Apart from its modern and stylish design, Samsung Gear VR 2 is easy to use. It has a control panel on the right side of the headset. It features backward compatibility, but for Samsung smartphones only.  We also find the 420g headset a little heavy, but the strap provides adequate support.

5 Budget-Friendly VR Headsets (Costs Less than £80!)

Get Samsung Gear VR 2 for $99



Field of view (FOV): 100o

Why we love them: We’re saving the best for the last. The VR ONE Plus VR headset possesses ZEISS optics, the powerful lenses that enhance a person’s imaging experience. You can use the headset without taking off your prescription glasses too! Above all, the headset has better construction. You can remove the strap if you want to.

5 Budget-Friendly VR Headsets (Costs Less than £80!)

Buy ​Zeiss VR One Plus VR Headset ($200)


You can still enjoy VR even if you decided to skip past tethered headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. There are cheaper variants out there, but these five VR headset brands give the best bang for your buck.