Head’s Up! Apple’s AR Headset Might Go Into Production Very Soon

Apple is one of the tech giants that talk about augmented reality and how it will impact our future. They openly discuss their fierce ambition of harnessing this technology. First came ARkit, where you can build unparalleled AR experiences for iOS users. To date, it is the largest AR platform in the world. Then, rumours about the development of Apple’s AR headset spread like wildfire. A lot of people and media institutions asked them if this true, but they kept quiet about it.

But on March 8, 2019, Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable analyst on all things Apple said that the company might begin the mass production of their AR headset by the fourth quarter of 2019 or by the second quarter of 2020.

If the development and production stages go as planned, we might witness the official product launch next year.

The features

According to Kuo, Apple’s AR headset acts as a ‘display only’ device (like the Apple Watch) but with actual computing, rendering, internet connectivity, and location services coming from the user’s iPhone in their pockets or in their bags. The iPhone is the ‘brain’ of the AR headset and will not act independently.

So, Apple’s first-generation of AR headset is 100% dependent on an iPhone. You need an iPhone to experience the ‘powerful AR experience’ the headset offers. This is sad news, especially when you’re an Android user.

The challenge and expectations

With the news circulating in the tech world, people asked questions. One of the biggest questions is the weight of the headset. People expect to see an all-in-one unit (like Oculus Go).

There are questions about battery life as well. People ask how much power will the AR headset consume.

Of course, there are questions about the features of the headset and how much it costs.

Like you, we also hope that Apple answers those questions soon.

Tim Cook: Augmented Reality is the future

Apple CEO Tim Cook is vocal about this belief that AR is a huge part of the future. It started with the ARKit platform. Then came continuous efforts to make Apple devices AR ready. Next in line is their AR headset or glasses. The world is excited.

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