17 Spellbinding Augmented Reality Quotes that Prepares Us for the Future

Augmented reality is still a revolution waiting to happen. But, we’re not that far away anymore.


We already have Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore — two platforms that make it easy for developers to create augmented reality apps. These two apps made it possible for companies to adopt AR technology early. For example, retail brand IKEA has a downloadable AR app. More and more companies are building AR apps to enhance their brand customer experience too.


Apart from accessible AR platforms, AR Glasses have popped up here and there too. Companies have prototypes but the current headset designs aren’t 100% comfortable. Without a sleek and lightweight wearable tech, people won’t let go of smartphones yet.


As with any new exciting technology—and AR is no different—many people have things to say about it.


Here are a few of our favourite augmented reality quotes:

What’s your favourite quote, so far? Did we miss somebody’s prediction on AR technology? If we did, tell us in the comments below!


Image of woman wearing glasses for augmented reality at SMAU, international exhibition of information communications technology courtesy of Tinxi / Shutterstock.com