Augmented Reality will Power Mobile Commerce, says IBM

According to the experts at IBM, augmented reality technology is the future of customer engagement in the retail business.


In their most recent report, they encouraged retailers to have tech-enabled and omnichannel stores for faster checkouts.


There are many technologies at their disposal, but they highlighted AR and VR as the ones that deliver a more powerful impact to the business. It can cut the time customers spend on surveying products online. It can help brands gain the attention of consumers. Also, it’s an element they can apply to their business model with the least amount of disruption.


“While retailers explore the many new digital commerce technologies available to them, many are focusing on adding on to what they have now, rather than ripping it all out and starting over,” says Arthur Viente, program director for e-commerce strategy at IBM.


What buyers benefit from the AR technology


With the integration of AR  in the shopping process, consumers can try the product at home through their mobile devices. They spend a more significant amount of time interacting with the product, eliminating the guesswork and uncertainty that customers feel when they purchase products online.


This is timely because today’s customers are more demanding and sophisticated. Buyers want more information and greater understanding of a product before they make a purchase. The AR and VR technology allows them to know what they’re getting and paying for.


For example, a customer who uses an AR app to shop furniture online has a different shopping experience compared to another shopper who looks at a traditional 2D image of a product. The technology helps a person assess how a furniture works in his/her apartment. He/ she visualize and place products in a room to see if they are going to look good or fit. As a result, he/she feels more confident in making decisions and buying a product.


Making online shopping more experiential is ideal. It offers greater freedom of choice, customization, and transparency.


Keeping up with the commerce revolution


The world develops the augmented reality technology to assist retailers and businesses inside their competitive market.


With the growing population of online shoppers, a technology that enhances and makes online shopping more convenient will appeal to a broad audience.


Using modern-day technology like AR attracts customers who haven’t experienced it before. It also appeals to the younger generation whose tastes are more contemporary and futuristic.


In addition, AR technology empowers the salesperson in every business. It’s their tool to explain a product to their client and engage them for a deeper level of understanding.


This is an excellent time for businesses to have a full AR strategy. Augmented reality is on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream because of the production of powerful mobile devices.


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