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Enter Virtual Showrooms: The VR Tech Changing the Design Industry

A physical showroom is essential to furniture creators, product manufacturers, and all designers in general. It’s a solid way to show the customer an item and the workmanship of a designer. Unfortunately, travelling to a physical showroom isn’t always viable for the customer. Good thing the design world and virtual reality go well together and made virtual showrooms a reality. Now, designers and artists showcase their work to people in a highly-engaging and convenient way. Some might not need a physical showroom anymore.

Virtual showrooms are the current tech obsession in the design industry. In virtual reality, customers discover and engage with a product in a virtual space of your choice. It’s the perfect way to showcase your products and services today.

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything that you need to know about this VR application. Continue reading, especially when you feel like VR showrooms are the perfect addition to your business.

Diller, Scofidio & Renfro

To understand how this VR application can work for you, you can look at how others used the technology.

One design studio that used virtual showrooms is Diller, Scofidio & Renfro. They are one of New York’s best known interdisciplinary design studios. They are the ones behind the success of the Pierre Chareau exhibition at the Jewish Museum in 2017 too.

Their virtual showroom for that exhibit, as you can see, is a 360-degree view of a museum showcasing Chareau furniture. They showed all of Chareau’s furniture designs for all rooms of the house.

The Future Perfect

The Future Perfect is also one of the world’s prime contemporary design galleries. They exhibit the work of influential artists, designers and craftspeople. On May 2018, they ventured into VR. They used it to exhibit the work of their New York-based clients like Lindsey Adelman (light fixtures) and Hagit Pincovici (lacquered tables) inside a contemporary house.

For TFP’s founder David Alhadeff, VR is an interesting selling tool and it helps their salespeople win buyers.

“VR is an interesting selling tool because it’s an opportunity to go beyond an image or a story that’s about mood,” David said in an interview.

David’s team set up The Future Perfect’s virtual showrooms using a few Google Pixel Daydream phones and Google Cardboard viewers. Their VR content consists of 360-degree photos only. It might be simple, but it’s still a unique, immersive experience.

Virtual Showrooms

They might consider a more sophisticated VR content in the future, but like other business who want to go VR, they need to look for people or a company that can help them create a fully-immersive and non-dizzying VR experience first.

How VIZ360 can help

VIZ360 provides high-end and photorealistic virtual showrooms. Our work is accessible on all your devices: PC, mobile phones, tablets, and VR headsets. We can help you boost your sales (and your business) using VR.

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