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Google Applies Patent for Virtual Reality Footwear

The image above is from Google’s patent application for an augmented and/or virtual reality footwear. It appears to be a motorized footwear, a pair of shoes that resemble roller skates.

The patent application filed last week says that this VR footwear allows a person to move freely in the virtual environment he or she is experiencing. In the real world, the footwear keeps the user from smacking into a wall. The device’s ultimate goal is to keep the wearer safe from any obstacle while being immersed.

“This may allow the user to walk, seemingly endlessly in the virtual environment, while remaining within a defined physical space in the physical environment,” the patent application reads.

Google is one step ahead for filing the patent papers for their VR shoes. The footwear isn’t a real product yet, and nobody knows how long they’ve been developing this product. They haven’t released an official statement as well.

We are excited to see and try this footwear!