5 Design Professionals Benefiting From 3D Renders

High-end and photo-realistic 3D renders breathe life into a designer’s work long before construction starts. Architects, engineers and design professionals use these for different reasons. Some for improvement of the project as it’s developed, while others use it for marketing and sales. The question is, how does 3D rendering help each type design of professional? 

Commercial architects

Architects working on commercial projects, whether it’s an office space, mall, or a store, need to show the building’s aesthetic and functional features to their clients. It’s important that renders are well-optimised for the client so they can visualise the architect’s plan. 

With the help of expert 3D artists, commercial architects don’t need to worry about inconsistent or inaccurate designs. 

Interior designers

Interior designers use 3D renders to demonstrate the purpose of every room and how it can be fitted. They fill each one with furniture and decorations so that clients can visualise the space better. 

The best 3D renders allow the viewer to recognise building materials used such as timber, glass, fabric, leather, metal etc. High-quality 3D models of building materials contribute to the look and feel of the interior rooms. 

Don’t forget to include natural elements such as lighting, shadows, and reflections in the 3D render. These make the digital environment more realistic.

5 Design Professionals Who Benefit the Most From HD Commercial 3D Renders

Hotel and restaurant architects

Architects who specialise in designing hotels and restaurants need 3D renders to pitch their ideas to clients. It’s critical for investors to know that the restaurant or building design can accommodate the size of the crowd they’re planning to attract.  

5 Design Professionals Who Benefit the Most From HD Commercial 3D Renders

Landscape architects

Designing outdoor spaces is as important as designing the main property. Landscape architects use 3D renders to show their plans to the main architect of the project, as well as to the client. 

Choose a 3D artist who can help you visualise the plants, fixtures, outdoor furniture and other aspects you want in the outdoor space surrounding the building.

5 Design Professionals Who Benefit the Most From HD Commercial 3D Renders

Urban designers

Urban designers work on the design of a neighbourhood, town or city. Renders help these professionals visualise the complexity of the project they’re working on. Such visuals can enable them to convince or show property developers where it’s best to build commercial or residential buildings which make urban development possible. They can also help with getting a council over the line when it comes to developing an area. 

Visual quality is particularly important. Investors need to see how promising the project is before they see technical drawings.

5 Design Professionals Who Benefit the Most From HD Commercial 3D Renders

How can 3D Renders help you?

3D Renders allow architects and design professionals to communicate their work to key people and win investors and clients before construction begins. The goal here is to produce beautiful and photo-realistic 3D renders which depict the proposed real thing.

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