How to Choose a 360 Photo Provider for Your Business

Immersive and interactive 360-degree VR content is on the fringe of becoming mainstream. More and more people become interested in trying it. By now, you might have already seen your friends’ reactions towards a 360 photo or video online. You know how excited they get when they have the opportunity to try it. And once they do, they would tell their friends about it.

Because of that, 360-degree media content is here to stay. If you take advantage of this technology early, you have a chance to be an authority in your industry. On the other hand, not keeping up with this innovation can have a harmful impact on your business.

Interested in producing a 360 photo for your business? Know the company before you engage them for work. Then, assess them using these five questions:


☑️ Is their output mobile responsive?

We all know that people and their smartphones are inseparable. Everything we do is mobile-focused. Also, most of the traffic businesses receive come from smartphones.

For those reasons, your 360 photo provider must offer you a mobile-friendly platform. The content must work for both you and your audience. It must respond to your every movement of your hand, your fingers, or the cursor. You should be able to explore and move around the digital environment.

But, that’s not enough. You should work with a visualisation company with a 100% user-friendly platform. VIZ360’s realistic VR 360 photos are accessible via your desktop, mobile phones, and VR goggles. VR will be mainstream, so people will want to experience it on all the devices they use.



☑️ Can you show your clients the entire floor plan?

Check out My Little Kingdom preschool above. Did you notice that you can have multiple 360 photos in one go? You have a full view of the entrance, reception, hallways, and every single room. It’s efficient because you don’t have to go on a separate viewer. All you need to do is click on the direction where you want to go. It’s a major time saver. And, it loads fast! 😊


☑️ Can they communicate your brand using the 360 photos?

Every visualisation company understands that you will use the 360 photos for marketing purposes. But, when choosing a company, go with the one who’s platform enables you to customise the end product. It must help you to communicate your brand.

VIZ360 offers interactive options. We can include your logos on the 360 photos, give you a branded URL, and incorporate popup information. Our platform enables you to change objects, surfaces, and furniture pieces too.

For us, flexibility is a must because brands come in different shapes, sizes, and industries. A company like us must have the ability to cater to them all.



☑️ How quick can they deliver?

Another major factor to consider is the company’s efficiency. Can they provide you with a set of photos that you can link together in one coherent virtual tour? You don’t want your audience to look at more than one 360-degree content viewers, right?

With VIZ360, you have an option to link multiple 360 photos together and explore them all in a couple of clicks. We have interactive arrows embedded in the scene. You can also view the floor plan, and seamlessly jump from one room to another.

It saves your audience’s time and effort, which is good for your business.


☑️ Is the end product realistic, immersive, and interactive?

A 360 photo is immersive and interactive, making it a better marketing tool than the usual photos. Soon, it will be the industry standard when advertising tourist attractions, businesses, and real estate properties. Apart from that, your 360 photos need to look realistic. Good visuals attract more attention, clicks, and viewers.

We could think of a lot more things to consider, but these five factors will ensure you’re in good hands. If you have further questions about VIZ360 and our services, do not hesitate to fill out the form below: