How to create 3D virtual showrooms in three easy steps

Consumers nowadays are more reliant on technology. Instead of meeting in person, they prefer to discuss things via Zoom or Google Meet. They want you to work remotely with them. 

Here in VIZ360, we help businesses in the architecture and construction industry do such a thing. We help you integrate technology and virtual tools into your workflow so that you can prove the value of your products and services to your clients online. 

One type of virtual solution that we offer is 3D virtual showrooms. It showcases how products and properties look like in real life from their smartphone and computer screens. We designed this for local builders, furniture designers, and real estate agents of property developers — the professionals who rely heavily on physical showrooms and displays to make a sale.

Click here to experience a 3D virtual showroom. 

In case you decide to avail our services, we’ll schedule your consultation with our Business Development Manager. We’ll talk about how 3D virtual showrooms benefit your business and how it solves your customer’s pain points. 

We tailor our products and services to our clients. We make sure that the business solutions we offer addresses your exact needs. 

After this, you are ready to take on the next steps: 

Step one: design stage

It is the most crucial part of the process. What we do here affects the final product, so we take this step very seriously. 

Our goal here is to plan the content of your 3D virtual showrooms. To do that, we need to capture the product or space you want to showcase accurately. We will need your 2D plans and 3D models (if you have it). Creating 3D virtual showrooms is more comfortable when we begin the project with 3D models. 

For better results, we highly recommend availing our 360° photography and laser scanning services as well.

Afterwards, our 3D artists will lay the foundation of your digital showroom. 

Step two: enhance the 3D virtual environment

Once the foundation of your digital showroom is ready, it’s time to plan the scene and enhance the visuals for a breathtaking presentation. 

Here in VIZ360, we add features that inform and wow the viewers of the digital showroom. 

First on our list are the clickable hotspots. These help the viewer navigate the virtual environment and reveal important information about the product or structure. Our previous clients used this feature to show the dimensions and specifications of the product to their clients. 

Second is the floorplan navigation. It is one of the reasons why builders and property developers prefer our 3D virtual showrooms. Our floorplan navigation feature allows the viewer to jump from one room to another. Through this feature, the viewers tend to orient themselves better in the virtual space, and they don’t feel lost. 

Last but not least, your 3D virtual showroom’s default starting view. It is your money shot… the one scene that makes the viewer want to see more of the showroom. 

Here in VIZ360, we let you decide on the default starting view of your project. We present the best views of the house, and we allow you to choose which scene to see in the beginning. 

Step three: share your 3D virtual showrooms. 

After finalising your scenes and your 3D virtual showrooms, it’s time to upload the showroom to the internet and share it to your prospects. 

Sharing your VIZ360 showroom is simple. We generate a unique URL link for every project — copy and paste this on your social media channels. 

You can also embed your VIZ360 showroom on your landing pages and on your emails to increase engagement and conversion. 

Creating your 3D virtual showrooms is hassle-free and straightforward with VIZ360.

Your 3D virtual showrooms provide support to your prospects and clients online, allowing you to work with them remotely. 

It is super beneficial today since many designs, and sales professionals can’t go out and meet their clients in person. Virtual solutions like digital showrooms allow them to continue providing service to their clients, wherever they may be. 

With that, never delay and wait a little longer to think about whether this technology is the right fit for your business. Schedule a meeting with our Business Development Manager today and see how a sensational 3D showroom experience will help your business flourish. 

Are you ready to create a stellar 3D virtual showroom for your designs? Contact us today and get a free quote.

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