How to Give Retail Customers a Ubiquitous and Ultra-Personal Shopping Experience

If you’re a retail store owner, you know how tough and hard it is to connect with your consumers from all over the world. People have higher expectations now. Everyone demands a ubiquitous and ultra-personal shopping experience. For a retail store owner like you, it means you have to exert more effort to provide an engaging omnichannel shopping experience to your customers. You need to give everyone a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re shopping online from their desktop, mobile devices, by telephone, or in your physical store.

If your brand doesn’t have various selling channels, your business might get left behind in the future.

Apart from that, you need to master the technologies thar make your business more relavant to people. It is the way to win more customers and to make your business more profitable.

The question is: which technologies should a retail store owner must focus on?

Based on a 2018 Accenture survey, 65% of the people or two-thirds of the retail industry executives see online commerce as the driving characteristic of a ubiquitous and ultra-personal shopping experience. Most people go online when they want to buy stuff most of the time. They also believe that every retail store must exert more effort to appear in voice search results. Above all, each one must invest in immersive technology like virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Today’s consumers have an appetite for it and it’s a profit generator.

The evolution of retail businesses according to Accenture.

The idea is to fulfill the consumer’s desires and meet their terms. You, as a businessman must give them the freedom and ability to buy from you anytime, from anywhere, using any device. And, you must provide a relevant, meaningful, and memorable experience so they come back to you.

Here are the things you can do:

Virtual Reality is Key to Ubiquitous and Ultra-personal Shopping Experiences

Turn your social media page into a business page

As mentioned earlier, online commerce is essential to achieve an ubiquitous and ultra-personal shopping experience. Apart from a secure website, you must allow your customers to purchase directly via social media. People spend a lot of time browsing their social feed and it’s logical and practical to let them buy your products here.

Did you know?

More than 62% of social media users bought items via social media. Most of them purchase from Facebook and Instagram.

It is of vital importance for retailers to make their social media platforms profitable. Social media does more than brand awareness. Use it to communicate and engage with your customers and sell your products online.

Tip: Utilise Facebook Messenger’s virtual assistant feature so you can respond to your client’s message immediately even when you’re offline. You can program and launch a Facebook your own Facebook Messenger bot who can assist your customers and answer their questions too.

Virtual Reality is Key to Ubiquitous and Ultra-personal Shopping Experiences

Get found by Google Assistant and Alexa

Based on Alpine AI’s 2018 estimates, there are over one billion voice searches across different devices (mobile phones and home assistants) per month. It means digital assistance is the new big thing that you must master.

You must understand that serch results vary when you type an inquiry versus commanding Alexa (and other similar AIs). Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa makes recommendations.

Now, isn’t it nice to have your business mentioned by Alexa when a person asks for a certain product?

To take advantage of this, experts recommend that you make use of make use of structured data called Schema markup. Schema enable search engines to read and understand the content of your website, meaning the search engine knows what you offer. It doesn’t work like SEO, where everything is based on keywords.

For example, you own a website that sells eco-friendly and sustainable bath essentials. When a person asks their Alexa or Google Assistant questions like “Where can I buy eco-friendly shampoo?”, your accurate schema markup can put you up the search results. Alexa or Google will read your content aloud and make suggestions.

To master this, try this free Microdata Generator. Then, check your data structure using this free Google Tool.

Coming up in voice search results is a competitive edge which drives profit and growth. Retailers who sell hundreds to thousands of products must study how this works and master this technology. We are in the age of digital voice assistants and artificial intelligence; and some of your customers prefer voice search.

Engage your clients using immersive technology

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) enhance customer experience, therefore a retail shop which uses these technologies have a competitive advantage. For one, immersive tech helps customers overcome the hassles and uncertainties in online shopping. It enables them to check an item without visiting the physical store.

Second, immersive tech helps people try and test your products before they buy from you. With VR or AR, your customers see your product in context.

Also, immersive tech enable customers to customise their orders. When you power your online shop with it, you provide an ultra-personal customer experience.

Here’s the part where VIZ360 can help you.

We help retail businesses create a ‘virtual store’ experience for their clients. It is easy to use, engaging, and fully immersive. It helps create brand awareness and customer engagement in an exciting way.

According to Accenture’s research, 63% of retailers they interviewed think that immersive technology is vital in their business. Right now, about 37% of the businesses they interviewed are investing in this technology. They project numbers to increase dramatically next year.

Statistics based on Accenture’s research.

Of the three ingredients of a ubiquitous and ultra-personal shopping experience, the use of immersive technology is the most promising in the retail industry. It offers an immersive, interactive, and information-rich experience that increase conversions, site visits, and revenue.

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