How to Use 3D Renders to Make Luxury Property Brochures

Handing out luxury property brochures is a proven way for realtors to attract clients and buyers.

The best brochures have photos and visuals that wow the prospects. 

These photos are easy to produce when the property is already built but challenging when it is pre-selling or off-the-plan. 

Here’s where 3D real estate rendering services come in. With it, realtors don’t have to settle with dull pictures of floor plans or schematic blueprints.

Opt for 3D real estate rendering services when the projects are still under construction. It will help you and your team of real estate agents showcase a property in photoreal quality. Here are the things that can happen when you utilise this technology in your business:

You can showcase the interiors like in a magazine

When the project is pre-selling or off-the-plan, you have zero interior photos to show to your prospects. With professional 3D rendering services, you can convey the future interior design of the property.  

The best 3D renders are photorealistic and look like real magazine photos. Here is an example of stylish, highly-detailed, curated interiors:

Luxury Property Brochures

When you develop 3D interior renders, make sure the final material showcase the following elements in extremely high detail: 

  1. Furniture pieces used
  2. Space organisation
  3. Textiles
  4. Light fixtures
  5. Decorations
  6. Vibe and atmosphere
  7. Ideal lifestyle of the occupant

The photo below is an excellent example. Take note of how the daylight permeates the apartment, illuminating the dining room. The dream of owning a property this beautiful looks so real to your prospect. Some might imagine themselves living the dream here.

Luxury Property Brochures

Photos like this attract your prospect’s attention and engage them to your services. You can convince them to invest in the property you’re selling using this. 

Expert tip: Talk to an expert 3D artist who can provide you with HD photorealistic images. Give them a detailed project brief so they can attend to your project and minimise revisions.

You can present the entire structure in street-view, eye-level

It is challenging to sell off-the-plan homes, especially when you have no excellent photographs to show your prospects. They don’t want to see photos of construction sites with an unfinished facade — these don’t give the property a wow factor and won’t entice them to invest.

When you create 3D renders, don’t forget to develop the street-view scenes similar to these:

Show 3D renders of the home exteriors in eye-level so your prospects can view the exterior design of their future home. Make it photorealistic: the structure, the landscape, and the surroundings. The more realistic the details of the photos are, the more eye-catching the brochure is. 

Expert tip: Develop photos of the structure under different seasons, weather, and time of the day. You can ask your 3D artist to do this for you. 

Luxury Property Brochures

You can explain the floor-plan

Expert 3D artists who understand architectural drawings can develop a photorealistic rendering of the floor plan. A sectional 3D floor plan like this shows your prospects the placement of rooms, arrangement of furniture pieces, building materials used, and more.

When done right, this is a perfect addition to your luxury property brochure.

You can show the neighbourhood

Apart from the house, buyers also look at the neighbourhood where it belongs. When you develop your 3D renders, don’t forget to establish the community that they will be a part of. Show the nearby park, restaurants, fitness centres, jogging paths, playgrounds, schools, and more. Images of these places, plus an outstanding copy will engage your prospects. 

Take a look at these 3D renders for example:

Do these look fantastic?

A luxury property brochure becomes a lead-magnet when you invest in high-definition 3D photos. Contact us and ask about our 3D visualization services. We can help you stand out even if there’s fierce competition.

Tips on sharing your brochure

  1. Luxury property brochures are more flexible nowadays because you can share their digital copy to your online prospects. You can send it via email, or you can share it on social media. 

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  1. Put a QR code in your printed brochures. It will enable your prospects to access your online information — your Facebook page, Instagram, website, or a 3D virtual tour of the property you’re selling. All they need to do is scan the QR code with their smartphone and viola! — they know more about you and the listings.
  2. Develop a 3D virtual tour so your prospects can go on a digital excursion to the property you’re selling. To know why you should invest in this technology TODAY, read this blog

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