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How VR Boosts First Impressions on Your Business

You know that you only get one chance to make a good impression, right? In a business meeting, you only have two to seven seconds to blow them away. After that short period of time, your client already formed a powerful and lasting impression about you. It’s either you got them or you lost them. The good news is, you may use immersive technology to engage them in a meeting. VR boosts first impressions. You will never ever host a boring meeting ever again!

Bring out your VR headsets

Business meetings are crucial. Whether you’re meeting a potential client or an investor, you must put your best foot forward.

The first thing is to do is to let them know in advance that you will use VR during the meeting. For one, this creates excitement especially when you’re meeting an early adopter of this technology.

Here’s a great story to tell…

How VR Boosts First Impressions on Your Business

Once, we partnered with a real estate agent who offers off-the-plan properties. By that, the residential space that he’s trying to sell isn’t built yet. He contacted us to avail a 360-degree VR tour of a two-bedroom apartment. He used it as his main marketing material in an expo.

The results?

Most of the people who stopped by his booth signed up and scheduled a meeting with him.

During the meeting, he also showed his clients that they may personalise the interiors of their apartment in virtual reality. Once again, he immersed them in a VR environment where they changed fixtures and finishes. Most of the clients had a wonderful experience. Some of them signed the contract a few days after.

That’s the beauty of using VR in business meetings. It shows the clients awesome possibilities.

They’ve tried VR before

Now, there are instances when your client already tried VR. Maybe they have encountered the same VR application from another company.

If this is the case, sense the level of their warmth. Ask about their previous VR experience. Not all people had very nice VR experiences. Maybe somebody presented them with a poor VR material that’s lagged and pixelated, which made them feel dizzy. Their first impression of VR is hard to change, but it can be done.

How VR Boosts First Impressions on Your Business

What you can do is assure them that the VR material that you’re going to present them is different and gamified. Gamified is the term used to describe high-quality VR material; the ones that look hyper-realistic because there’s no lag.

At VIZ360, we invest countless hours and hire the best talents who help us produce world-class quality VR materials that don’t cause motion sickness. Our system moves with you, meaning what you see is parallel to your body’s rotation.

Here’s an example. Insert your phone in a smartphone-powered VR (e.g. Google Cardboard) so you can see it in action. Enter fullscreen for best results.

Beyond good graphics, our VR experience lies on a far more important goal: to help your business succeed.

You have a purpose why you integrated VR in your business. It is important that the VR material you use is in line with your goal. It is still a precious medium, despite the dropping costs of VR hardware. If it isn’t designed to address your needs, it won’t deliver the results you wanted.

This is VIZ360’s main professional pledge: to identify your needs and your target audience and then build a VR environment around it. We always ensure that all elements of the VR material don’t detract the user from the goals of your business.

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