How VR Gaming Headsets are Changing the Architecture Industry

Believe us or not, VR gaming headsets are an architects’ new favourite tool.

Imagine how hard it was for property developers with to visualise the work of architects while looking at 2D drawings and renderings. Two-dimensional images (like as the ones you see here) only communicate the building’s form and scale. You need to look at multiple drawings to get a grip of the house as a whole. 

How VR Gaming Headsets are Changing the Architecture Industry


With virtual reality, architects have an uncanny ability to convey the feeling of walking around and inside the building before it even existed. Their clients can stand before the structure and explore the interiors of every room — all without leaving their offices.

Plus, you transport to an immersive 3D environment once you put on virtual-reality goggles. Imagine how easy it is to assess a design there. It’s as simple as playing a game. Even a person with zero knowledge in reading blueprints can understand it.

These qualities make virtual reality an amazing tool. So awesome that almost all clients of architecture firms love it. Here you go, try it:

The advantage that firms can’t resist

Architecture and design firms who equip their business with VR have an undeniable advantage in this fierce, competitive business world.

For one, this technology enables them to communicate with their client, wherever they may be. Put up your virtual tours on a certain web address and it will be accessible by anyone who knows the link and has a strong internet connection.

All the designer needs to do is schedule a video conference with his/her client and guide them on a virtual walkthrough. Instruct them to wear a headset so they fully immerse themselves in a hyper-realistic computer environment.

Modern VR gaming headsets have awesome graphics, motion sensors, and built-in audio thus it provides a lovely immersive experience for the user.

Seeing the end product like it’s real allows them to understand the design as a whole. It wouldn’t be hard to convey the things they love about the design, as well as the things they want to change. There are fewer misunderstandings — only clear messages.

At the end of the day, VR makes the process faster for both parties. Client approves designs quicker and the firm shifts focus towards construction.

How VR Gaming Headsets are Changing the Architecture Industry

Architects, it’s time to put on your VR headsets

There are a couple of improvements that made it possible for architectural firms (both huge and small) to integrate VR in the design process.

? The cost of virtual reality devices has gone down in the past few years. You can get quality VR headsets for a low price.

? Today’s VR headsets are user-friendly. Early adopters won’t feel confused.

? Experts in the field can produce high-quality immersive 3D content fast. (Ask us how!)

? VR specialists (like us) provide virtual 3D tours which people can access using all devices — computers, smartphones, and VR headset.

Virtual reality will evolve and become more powerful. Soon, this industry can’t function 100% without it. If you seriously consider equipping your firm with VR, do it now while your competition is still young. You don’t want to be left behind because every architecture firm has embraced it, except yours.

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