How VR Makes the Recruitment Process Better

Virtual reality is making waves in recruitment. Lots of companies are adopting VR technology only to acquire new talent (and the best ones). In this blog, we specify how VR makes the recruitment process better and easier for your company. You will be surprised by how it enhances all aspects of the hiring process

VR improves the candidate’s experience

The most difficult part of recruitment is scheduling an appointment with the selected candidate. Every person in the human resources department knows how hard it is to match the schedule of their manager and the candidate. In most cases, the applicant needs to come back on a later date to meet the manager for the final interview.

Now, what if an excellent candidate that your recruiter also applied to your competitor and got a great offer the next day? Do you think that person will wait for your company’s offer, or will he/she accept the job offer from the other company immediately?

Strong candidates apply to different companies. In most cases, applicants choose a great job offer straight away.

Just imagine the number of valuable hours that the applicant and your recruiter lost. All efforts are wasted. And, your competitor just added a new talented team member of their team.

VR aims to give you an edge in this war of talent. If you can’t meet a potential hire, why not immerse them in a virtual environment where they’ll learn about the role directly from you? This material helps your recruiters discuss the job’s requirement to the candidates. The hiring process becomes educational. The applicants understand their role faster. And because they understand their role in the company, they feel excited to work there.

VR also engages the applicant at a deeper level.

Companies that use VR to acquire new talent capture the attention of the applicant. VR is a tool that gives them a one-of-a-kind job application experience. They are impressed and don’t forget that easily. This, in turn, leads to better brand perception. They see the innovative side of your company. Your company becomes a part of their top choices.

VR levels the playing field

Additionally, VR helps your HR department assess the candidates in a consistent manner. This is super useful especially when mass hiring employees (think of call centres, construction workers, etc.). When your company use VR, your HR team deliver the same experience to every applicant. The assessment is fair and everyone is given an equal opportunity.

VR also supports diversity. It has no adverse impact on a person’s ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, or age. When you use VR during the hiring process, you put all the candidates in an identical environment. In VR, there are no human biases in the process.

VR helps people see the office

Huge companies situated in tall buildings use VR to tour their new hires using VR tours. Instead of dragging them from one floor to another, the new guys just wear a headset. The virtual tour will tell them all the things a newbie must know about the company and the day to day activities.