What Happens When Your Interior Design Firm Launches a VR Showroom

Today’s interior designers get to revamp their business and services as new technologies enter the playing field. One that brings new opportunities to the table is virtual reality. VR equips your practice with stunning interior design visualisations and virtual showrooms. Here are the things that happen when your interior design firm launches a VR showroom and uses immersive media:

1. You assuage difficulties of the business

The traditional methods still work. Today’s interior designers still do verbal explanations and 2D pictures when presenting their ideas to their clients. However, we can’t deny that it has flaws and we can do better.

When you integrate VR in your practice, you get to immerse them in a computer environment that pictures their future property. You transport them and show them what your vision looks like in real life. There is verbal explaining involved as you tour the client, but the visualisations do the heavy lifting.

Since they can see the finished design, expect your clients to tell you the exact changes they want. Ask them to point out the things in VR, just so you’re on the same page. Better if they can customise the design on their own. The idea of personalising the design gives them control over the process and erases the hesitation to engage your services.

Tip: Engage a third-party VR company who can help you develop interactive and customisable virtual showrooms and visualisations. The material must feature real-time rendering so it can show the effect of the changes made. Unlike physical showrooms, digital ones are collaborative.

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2. You improve communication with your client

As mentioned earlier, 2D drawings, pictures, and concept descriptions are not enough. It leaves a lot of room for confusion and disappointment. Both parties aren’t always able to express their vision correctly. They might not grasp how certain objects and colours work. At the end of the day, the client won’t fully appreciate the design as a whole.

But in VR, your clients get to walk through their dream space. They get to see every room from every angle. They get a better sense of the design. They understand the plan and feel assured of their investment.

3. You won’t need a physical showroom anymore

With VR showrooms, your customers don’t need to travel to check out your products and buy them. They can do it all from the convenience of their home or office.

Tip: Engage a third-party VR company whose products are viewable on all devices — mobile phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and VR headsets. The more convenient and accessible your VR service is, the more love you’ll receive from your clients.

Additional tip: The computing power of VR continues to improve and the graphics become more and more realistic. In the future, virtual showrooms might replace brick and mortar stores. It’s best to dive into VR now and own multiple showrooms as time passes by. (It’s cheaper than building multiple physical showrooms too.)

4. You give a new experience that attracts customers

The technology itself lures customers. Now, if your practice offers the best VR experience in your area, more clients will follow. Your previous and current clients will most likely refer you to their peers.  

To do this, you must have high-quality VR visualisations. It must look real and must have no lags. You must invest in good quality VR headsets and powerful VR-ready computers as well… Don’t worry, most of the new VR devices are affordable and user-friendly.

Make your clients feel like a winner

Getting an interior design service is exciting because your client gets an upgraded room with new furniture, new layout, and new vibe. But, the clients are not always happy in the process. They get frustrated and confused too.

That’s what VR wants to fix. With it, the process becomes more client-centric. It addresses the client’s most common problems, so they don’t think twice about committing to your services.  

When you make your clients feel like a winner, you win too.