Is 3D Architectural Walkthrough a Powerful Social Media Content?

Most recent statistics revealed that there are about 3.48 billion social media users in 2019 — and the number grows 9% annually. The numbers make social media one of the most powerful marketing platforms today. Because of that, social media marketing is now a must for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. Apart from attracting people who need your services right away, social media is also for establishing a connection with your prospects online. Start with posting inspirational and attention-grabbing content such as a 3D architectural walkthrough.  

Take a look at this example:

When it comes to social media marketing, being active is not enough. You also need to post lots of useful, inspiring, and visually appealing content. Upload and share a 3D architectural walkthrough of your projects regularly to demonstrate your firm’s skills and to attract more clients. 

Are you wondering how great a 3D architectural walkthrough is as marketing material? You can use this marketing material to:

Show your expertise.

A hyper-realistic 3D Architectural Walkthrough showcases your firm’s projects: the interior and exterior design, the architectural elements, and proposed design solutions — even if it is still unfinished.

Put your projects and creations out there to show your expertise. Your prospects need to know how good you are before they engage your services. 

Is 3D Architectural Walkthrough a Powerful Social Media Content?

Expert tip: One advantage of 3D rendering is you can test the proposed building design. You can see how the final structure will look like, and you have the opportunity to improve your work. Use it to amend the plan before construction starts. 

You can also use it to engage your clients in the design process. For instance, you want your client to choose flooring material for every room. One way to do that is to send them samples and let them imagine what the result is. But, it would be better if you have a 3D Render of every room and how these look like with each flooring type. You can show your proposed design solutions in photoreal quality.

Convince your prospects that your services are on demand.

Consistent posting of photorealistic 3D renders of animations on your social media makes you look like you have a lot of clients, and people sought after your services. Your followers will see you as an active, hardworking professional. 

As you develop your projects, you also need to create 3D renders for your marketing and sales. If you don’t, you need to wait for your projects to finish before you can build a portfolio to show your future clients. 

Is 3D Architectural Walkthrough a Powerful Social Media Content?

Expert tip: Don’t delete the 3D renders of designs that weren’t approved by the client. Store them in a library and share them on social media with matching useful captions. 

Attract your ideal client’s attention online.

All designers, builders, and property developers have a target clientele whom they want to attract online. If your firm wants to target people who can afford to build luxury homes, you need to position yourself as the experts in this field. One way to get these clients is to demonstrate your skills through 3D renders. Develop luxurious homes and villas in 3D and share the architectural walkthrough on social media. Use your 3D architectural visuals to target the clients you want to attract.

Expert tip: Outsource a 3D rendering company and ask them to bring your best projects to life. You can also ask them to turn your unfinished, unapproved, or long-distance projects into 3D. Make sure that the architectural visual shows the structure’s design in great detail and accuracy. Highlight the best parts of the interior and exterior design. 

Is 3D Architectural Walkthrough a Powerful Social Media Content?

Share the value of a design idea

Professionals can use 3D visual content to give advice and useful tips to their online followers. These pictures look so much better than stock images.

When you post these images, back it up with a useful caption. People appreciate educational content online. Offer this regularly, and your clients will look for more. 

Is 3D Architectural Walkthrough a Powerful Social Media Content?

Engage your followers

Social media platforms measure engagement through likes, shares, comments, and interaction with your posts. To boost engagement, consider sharing a 3D architectural walkthrough a few times a week. Try to offer a fully-featured 3D animation that shows your clients your complete work. Share 3D renders as well — highlight the best features of the home’s interior and exterior rooms. 

3D visualisation technology in social media 

When you use 3D architectural visualisations in your SMM campaigns, you:

  1. Show your expertise
  2. Attract your target clients, and
  3. Put out educational and entertaining social media content 

Want to make your current SMM campaign more powerful? Contact us and avail our professional 3D architectural walkthrough and rendering services. Get plenty of stunning, photoreal visuals which you can use in your marketing campaigns.