Keys to Selling Off-the-Plan Properties with Immersive 3D Visualizer

Many property developers are investing in their own immersive 3D visualizer today. They are equipping their real estate agents with a tool that can help them boost their sales. They know how 3D technology can help them sell real estate, especially off-the-plan properties, and they’re maximizing the opportunity brought by embracing this tech early.

Why 3D is the ideal tool for selling properties

After talking to many property developers and real estate agents, we found out that the number one challenge in selling any form of real-estate is the communication with the client. It is difficult to sell something that the prospects can’t see. They find it hard to appreciate words and they are allergic to pushy sales talk. 

Here’s where 3D technology comes in. Using this tech is ideal when the product being sold:

– are too complex or expensive to model physically

– are too far away from the buyer, and/or

– doesn’t exist (yet) 

These three factors are in play when selling residential and commercial properties, making 3D an ideal business solution. 

With the help of 3D technology, real estate agents can communicate with their prospects on a higher, more engaging level. Take a look at this 3D tour. Can you imagine how exciting a client meeting will be if the salesperson can tour the client to the structure for sale, even if its not yet constructed? 

What’s in it for the buyer?

Buying a property is not an overnight decision for your client. It is an expensive and emotional process. It is difficult for them to say ‘yes’ and sign the contract, unless they see the agent / the company run the extra mile for them.

When you use 3D, the agent can help the prospects understand the investment they’re going into. They can help clients see the place they’re going to own and live in the near future. They can eliminate their clients’ uncertainties and worries. 

Agents can also establish the need to invest as soon as possible. Tell the client to secure the property while it’s being developed, because prices will increase once construction is finished. 

Provide them with a great 3D material, so the clients won’t feel the need to visit a physical structure to explore and walk through. 

What’s in it for the property developer?

When the developers help their agents sell a bulk of the properties early in the construction phase, they can reduce the financial stress inherent to constructing a sizable building. The more money coming in, the better for the business.

What property developers should look for in an immersive 3D visualizer

Property developers who are ready to embrace 3D technology find it hard to look for two things: the 3D visualization services that address their needs and the right people to work with. They can outsource this task,which hits two birds with the same stone. 

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Businesses on the look-out for 3D visualization service providers should look for people/company who can produce materials that can help them establish emotional connection with the clients and streamline the process of selling the property. 

Look for:

1. 3D materials and set-up that you can 

Sales people are never in the office. Some of them are in sales centres. Others are on the field, setting appointments with their prospects. 

Equip them with portable and accessible 3D materials which shows the property’s exterior design and interior layout. 

Develop a 3D material that the client can control on their own. Give them freedom to move from one room to another, so they can examine the room from every vantage point. Enable view and switch between combinations of colours and finishes until the clients find a perfect one to match their style.

Invest in a 3D material this good and interactive, and the real estate agents will never ever bring 2D floor plans and computer-generated photos of rooms ever again. This tool is enough to help their prospects make an informed decision. 

2. A highly-visual tool for an emotional process

As mentioned earlier, buying and investing in an off-the-plan property requires the client’s trust, so they can make the leap of faith. 

A great, highly-detailed, immersive, and interactive 3D material enables them to try before they buy. Take a moment to watch this video of a client personalizing the home being sold to him:

It is impossible to replicate this experience. No, the clients can’t fully imagine how the wall colours look when paired with a specific type of flooring, or how the light enters the room, or how to stand in the middle of their future home — just by looking at a drawing/photo.

Get your hands on your own immersive 3D visualizer

Property developers and real estate agents sell a dream; a new home, a better community, a fresh start, and more. This isn’t easy. It is hard to bridge the difference between the developer’s vision and their client’s perception. 

Good thing, 3D technology is here to help dreamers achieve that. 

If you want to equip your business with an immersive 3D visualizer, do not hesitate to contact us. 

We can help you: 

  • Produce a high-resolution 3D model of a property, which shows interior and exterior design in great detail
  • Make the experience personal through adding interactive features
  • Develop a fly-through of the development, so the client can visualise the neighbourhood, streetscapes, and the proximity to nearby amenities, attraction, schools, hospitals, etc. 

To learn more, schedule a consultation with our business development specialist and see how our 3D visualisation services can help you grow your business and boost your sales.



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