Microsoft Secures $480M US Defense Contract For AR Glasses

Microsoft just won and signed the largest deal for aumented reality glasses in the whole world. The US Army granted the tech giant the $480M contract for the Integrated Visual Augmentation System project wherein American soldiers have to be equipped with futuristic holographic AR Glasses.

According to earlier reports, the contract states that Microsoft will supply the army with prototypes of augmented reality systems, which will be used for training and for combat missions.

The contract will eventually lead to the purchase of more than 100,000 HoloLens, the Microsoft-built AR headsets.

The HoloLens is worn around the head and over the eyes; it projects virtual images onto the real world. The user interacts with the graphics using simple hand and finger movements like pinching or pointing.

In addition, HoloLens is certified for use as basic protective eyewear, with an IP50 rating for dust protection. HoloLens can be integrated with purpose-built hard hats and helmets, making it an ideal choice for the US Army.

To make their battlefield AR glasses more functional, the army requested additional features such as night vision, thermal sensing, and the ability to check vital signs.

In earlier interviews, the US Department of Defense stated that the contract will enhance a soldier’s ability to detect, decide and engage before the enemy. AR technology will provide troops with needed information, which will help each soldier make smarter decisions on the battlefield.