Are Today’s Million Dollar Houses Designed Using Virtual Reality?

Most of the people who want to build or renovate their home want to get their desired outcome within their budget and their schedule. But, based on experience, people who build million dollar homes are more strict when it comes to their goals. They do not buy the design when they feel uncertain. They want to avoid delays and problems that might cost them massive amounts of money.

Because of this, architects and designers who plan to do business with them equip their practice with virtual reality.

Are Today’s Million Dollar Houses Designed Using Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a tool that offers your firm an opportunity to showcase your design in a modern, immersive way. With VR on your side, these things happen:

? Your client gets to visualise the structure you design. They understand it 100% better compared to looking at 2D images and complex architectural drawings.

? Your client communicates the changes they want with more confidence. As a result, you get a better understanding of what the client wants. There are fewer misunderstandings and fewer mistakes. All of these lead to fewer revisions too.

? You help your client save 5-10% of their total costs because VR speeds up the process. The VR plan keeps everyone involved in the design and construction phase on the same page. The builders don’t rely on architectural drawings alone.

The people who experienced designing homes using VR and found it useful will want to use it again. For them, it’s the standard way of designing homes.  Without it, they’ll lose interest and engage another architecture firm instead.

Are Today’s Million Dollar Houses Designed Using Virtual Reality?

Designing luxury, million dollar houses are not simple

Luxury homes are large and have a lot of amenities. Planning this structure requires an extreme level of detail. There are lots of drawings involved.

Let me tell you a story.

A few years ago, an American businessman and investor named Erik (not his real name) want to build a $13 million home in Malibu. He hired a celebrity designer (who haven’t used VR yet) to design his house.

After a year of planning and completing the permits, he heard about our 3D Virtual Tours. He decides that he wants to see his Malibu mansion before he spends $13 million (or more) in construction.

It’s a challenge for us, but we still took the job. We analysed over 300+ sheets of paper. We grabbed all of the details and put it in VR. And, when he checked his 3D Virtual Tour, he asked why there was a staircase in front of the door. He looked disappointed.

Everyone from our team looked at each other. Most of our team members in VIZ360 have architecture backgrounds. We understood the drawings and created an immersive digital version of it. Then, it hit us. This guy didn’t understand the drawings.

Are Today’s Million Dollar Houses Designed Using Virtual Reality?

We’re going to be honest. People, especially those who don’t know how to read architectural drawings, fully understand design features when viewed from VR Goggles rather than on paper.

It’s more efficient when the client can check the design in VR from the beginning. In this way, everyone will avoid building a ‘mistake’. VR saves the client from spending more money on late revisions and delays.

Our tip

Let your client explore all sides and the insides their project in an immersive 3D environment. Use a VR application software that lets them walk around the building from the outside… and then go inside the house.

But that’s not all.

We recommend that you enable your clients to change or alter materials, surfaces, colours, and furniture pieces.

Imagine how amazing that must feel for your client. Instead of sitting through a design presentation, your client gets to participate in the process. They feel like they didn’t lose control of their own project.

It benefits you because it builds the client’s excitement for the project.

Are Today’s Million Dollar Houses Designed Using Virtual Reality?
The success of building million dollar houses begins when the client buy-in. Virtual reality helps you with that. It pushes your client closer to a buying position. They’ll feel confident after seeing your design in the computer environment. They know that it will “work” in real life.

Are you an architect or designer who want to fish higher-paying clients and million dollar projects?

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