Ordering DIY Pizza is Better with Domino’s AR App ‘New Pizza Chef’

If you have experienced crafting your own pizza before on the Domino’s website, you know that it is okay. The responsive design tells you that you have successfully added the toppings that you wanted. But, okay isn’t enough. Clearly, Dominos wants to remain in the throne as the world leader in pizza delivery. So today, they released New Pizza Chef, their new app update which uses the latest Augmented Reality (AR) technology to help customers create their favourite pizzas. Domino’s New Pizza Chef gives customers an interactive DIY pizza experience.

Watch their awesome video below:

How it works

According to Michael Gillespie, Domino’s Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer, the app uses Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit. These AR development frameworks use the phone’s camera to gain a better understanding of the user’s surroundings. The app obtains a stable and advanced spatial awareness of the real world. As a result, the customers can see their order like it’s made in from of them. They can view it from any angle.

What’s more, customers can combine multiple pizza toppings and see their pizza sizzle as it cooks. The visuals look so real and the app feature functions like a game. There are delightful and funny stickers that pop up the screen too! All these qualities engage customers and drives them closer to the point of sale.

Why AR is important to Domino’s Pizza

In a press conference, Mr. Gillespie said that a powerful technology like augmented reality can make the online ordering experience more seamless, rewarding, and memorable for Domino’s customers. He revealed that the company sells two million pizza pies per week. To retain and go beyond those numbers, they needed a new and better way of ordering their pizza.

That’s when AR technology came in. They studied the technology, ran the numbers, and worked with talented AR app developers. Their team worked hard to deliver this interactive experience for its customers. All efforts aim to create a richer and more dynamic online experience.

Ordering DIY Pizza is Better with Domino’s AR App New Pizza Chef

Customers come first

In a separate interview, Allan Collins, Domino’s Group Chief Marketing Officer said that Domino’s team behind New Pizza Chef designed it with their customers in mind.

The company wants to engage their customers at a deeper level by giving them a way to create a pizza just the way they like it. Customers can select their preferred crust, spread sauce, sprinkle cheese, and drag toppings they want onto their virtual pizza.

Even more, the New Pizza Chef feature informs their customers by showing the name of the ingredient and how much of it goes in your pizza. Every customer receives a pizza pie that looks the same as the one they created which satisfies the customer.

To experience Domino’s New Pizza Chef, download Domino’s app that’s available for both Apple iPhone and Android devices. If you have downloaded the app before, simply update the app. Domino’s mobile app isn’t just for creating your own pizzas. You can still order items from their menu, view promotions, and track your order via their GPS Driver Tracker technology.