5 Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Architecture

Virtual reality is the newest design tool, the innovation that modernised the entire AEC industry. A lot of firms and design businesses think about integrating it into their businesses. You might be thinking of the same thing too. Use VR to bring your design to life at every stage of the design process.

Here’s how:

Visualise the design in a 1:1 scale

Architectural drawings are in 2D and in 1:100 (or depending on how detailed the drawings are). Some clients find it hard to imagine how those drawings look like in real life. With VR, your clients can experience the design in a 1:1 scale. They can feel what it’s like to move around the space (spatial awareness) even before construction. Giving them a realistic experience will give them a greater understanding of the design and help them make better design decisions.

VIZ360’s graphics are photorealistic. Immersing your client in your design using our platform will be a one-of-a-kind experience for them.

See the entry natural lighting and formation of shadows

Architects and building designers always want to harness natural light in all of the spaces they build. VR lets clients visualise this. They will know the importance of daylighting — how the right amount of sunshine brings life to a room. Above all, it will help everyone remove unwanted formation of shadows.

Help clients make informed design decisions

Virtual reality enables the client to see a comprehensive view of the building. They understand the design better with it, meaning they can make wiser design decisions.

There is software that let your clients customise the design, changing finishes, fixtures, furniture materials as they review the plan. You and your client can do this in VIZ360.

5 Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Architecture

Spot the parts that need fixing

When you see a comprehensive view of the building, you can pinpoint the parts that don’t look right. Architects and building designers aren’t perfect — they miss details in their drawings sometimes. VR helps you correct these mistakes before construction.

Allow the client to revisit the design anytime

VIZ360’s VR content is available online. You and your client can revisit the design anytime using your phone, desktop computer, or VR headset. You also get access to a platform that allows you to change some features of the design.

VIZ360 can help you with your VR content needs. We can help you offer unique, immersive experiences to your client, allowing the design to be understood, discussed, and commented on.