VR Features that Every Online Store Must Have

In 2017, IKEA harnessed the power of virtual reality. A few months later, Wayfair and Amazon followed their footsteps. To compete with the retail giants, small to medium enterprises from all over the world started using VR too. It is a worldwide phenomenon and, it won’t be this big if VR doesn’t make it easy for businesses to sell stuff online. So, if you’re running a  business and you want to embrace VR, step yours up a little. Here are the VR features that your eCommerce website must have:


A great VR material is not hard to look at. It must look real and must have no lags.

When your VR material is realistic when viewed from a screen or a VR headset, your customers will get a better sense of how your product looks like in real life.

Interactivity options

It would be nice if you can rotate the product in 360 degrees. Unlike regular photos and videos, VR allows you to see all angles of an item (not just the best ones).

Plus points if you can zoom in and out. Zoom in until you can see the details on the surface. Zoom out so you can see its form.


Your VR tool must enable customization. It’s a part of the recipe of why VR is an effective tool. People love to personalise their purchases. When they do, they get attached to it and will want to buy it.


Of course, there must be a way to save the things they created. If they didn’t buy immediately, give them a remembrance of the experience. That way, they won’t forget you and will come back once they can hit the check out button.


The internet is alive thanks to social media, so the ‘share’ option is non-negotiable. There are people who like to share things with their friends and followers. When they share your VR tool online, you gain extra and free publicity.


This is the most important one. Your VR tool must be accessible by everyone online. Make it web-based or a downloadable app on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. Let them experience it for free, as much as possible.

Final thoughts

VR technology continues to evolve and becomes a popular way of showcasing products online. There’s no turning back now. The only way is to go forward. For businesses, it’s time to embrace VR or else you’ll be late for the next digital revolution. Contact VIZ360 today and let’s discuss the VR features for websites and the VR solutions for your business.