Get Ready! There is an Upcoming VR Festival in Western Australia

Australian VR companies and tech fans rejoice! There will be an upcoming VR festival in Western Australia and it will happen sometime before October 2019.

The Department of Local Government, Sport, and Cultural Industries will spend about $100,000 in this festival that aims to draw talents, particularly VR filmmakers, 3D modelling artists, animators, programmers, and other creatives to WA.

The WA region is a hub of VR companies. In fact, VIZ360 was founded here. These VR companies need people with unique talent and VR skills to become a part of their family.

“WA has the talent and the festival will help market that talent,” a spokesperson from the department said.

The importance of getting like-minded people together

Virtual reality is an area with massive growth. In fact, the VR sector in WA is emerging — some companies here export their VR products and services abroad.

The festival will be an avenue for companies to promote their work and their brand. This event will also be an opportunity for companies to meet (and possibly employ) people with diverse VR skill sets.

It is important to hire talents who possess the VR skills needed by the company. Lack of talent prevents them from growing and competing with others. ◾

VIZ360 is always looking for new talents. Contact us if you want to be a part of our growing family. Or, you can apply as a VIZ360 Pro Partner. It’s an awesome opportunity to enter the 3D / VR industry.  Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.