How Interior Design Firms Use VR in Digital Marketing

We have discussed the events that can happen when your interior design firm launches a virtual reality showroom in our previous blog. Apart from improving the sales process and customer service, it also enhances your company’s digital marketing efforts. The right VR for interior design firms will attract more quality leads. 

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A quick overview of digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about spreading awareness about your company online, so the people who are looking for your service can reach out to you, and you can provide them with the help they need. It works best when you have great content published on your social media pages, and when you’re always visible on the search engine results (via organic or paid). 

If you’re running a large firm or freelance design practice, make your digital marketing efforts a priority. In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can use VR to help you boost brand awareness and online exposure to gain an advantage from your competitors. 

TIP 1: Embed VR content on your website

It is essential for an interior design firm to update its website. If you’re going to update yours, use virtual reality. 

VR makes your website look fresh and new. It has the power to make your website more eye-catching. When you have the highest-quality VR to represent your company online, you’re confident to present your website to everyone who finds it via word of mouth or via the search engine. 

VR improves your clients’ first impression on your business. People see you as a forward-thinking brand.

Also, VR informs your customers about your company and your services in a better way. VR highlights your level of skill and your dedication to quality workmanship. They get to try and experience the services you provide.

Think about it — your interior design firm relies heavily on visual selling. When you embed VR in your website, you offer your clients an opportunity to test drive and interact with your previous projects. 

Not all interior design firms offer VR to their customers. It could be your strong selling point. So, instead of showing photos, why not present VR to your customers? Why not give them visuals that bridge the offline and online world? 

VR can help you when you’re having trouble with converting your website visitors into leads as well. Research shows that the average conversion rate of VR, when used on a website, is 2% to 4%. 

Showing interactive VR to your clients helps them fully understand the value of your product or service. The longer they explore the VR portfolio, the more engaged they are in the sales process and the higher the chance of winning a sale.

Tip #2: Use VR to make your website user-friendly

When you use VR on your website, it becomes the centre of attention. Build around it and make the page easy to navigate.

If your website isn’t user-friendly, your customers will feel confused and frustrated. They will not stay long. The website will deter them from doing business with you. 

When you redesign your website with VR, make sure that the content looks great on all devices: computers, smartphones, and tablets. Pay attention to how your website looks on mobile layout. (It is very different from what you see on the computer screen.) About 80% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Most of your customers are probably used their phones to visit your website before they contacted you.

Tip 3: Write a strong copy to highlight your VR content

VR is a powerful marketing tool, but you shouldn’t use it on its own. It requires a compelling copy that persuades your customer. The text that goes with your VR presentation should steer your prospects into action.

For your interior design business, you need a clear and concise copy to explain your services. Your clients don’t want to see a large chunk of text on a web page — it looks boring. It’s okay to have a short and sweet description because virtual reality speaks for the rest. 

Tip #4: Share your VR content on social media

VR is versatile. Use it on your social media pages to foster brand awareness and to attract prospects. 

The challenge is, not all social media platforms support VR. What you can do is to share web-based VR as a link and give it a nice caption.

Another thing you can do is to produce realistic HD renders and cinematic videos out of your VR material. Use these materials to promote your VR content on social media.

Tip #5: Highlight your business’ efforts to embrace the latest technologies

Apart from promoting your services, you can use VR to promote your brand. Highlight your competitive advantage in the market.

Not all interior design businesses offer VR as part of their services. If you’re using VR, market yourself as a forward-thinking brand that utilises modern technology to serve your clients better. It’s good for your business. It is a sign of success, and people love to do business with successful brands. 

Getting started with VR

All businesses want to crush or gain an advantage over their competition. Incorporating interactive VR in your business can make it happen. When done right, VR attracts your qualified prospects.

At VIZ360, we can help you create VR materials that you can use to enhance your digital marketing strategy. It demonstrates your services to your clients in a better and more memorable way. 

Instead of using static images as the hero of your website, show a VR environment. Take your clients for a spin, show them your skills in design, and show your commitment to your craft. The right VR for interior design firms make a big difference.

Here at VIZ360, we strive for excellence and integrity of our service, product, and performance. To learn more about how your business can harness VR technology and how to start your VR project, send us a message