Serious about Video Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Invest in VR Videos

Apart from improving operations, businesses use virtual reality for experiential marketing. This type of marketing is about engaging the consumers by giving them a memorable experience. One popular way to do this is through producing VR videos and promoting these content online. These attract the attention of people and help move a brand closer to them.

Here are other reasons why VR videos are effective marketing vehicles today:

VR videos boost emotional engagement

Regular videos with compelling storytelling can still trigger people’s emotions. People will love it. Yet, it’s still the same as the other videos online. There are chances that the people who watched it will forget about it in a matter of hours or days.

If you’re looking for ways to be noticed and be unforgettable, consider shooting a VR video.

Based on Nielsen’s most recent survey, VR video content is 27% more emotionally engaging than 2D videos. Also, 34% more people remember advertisements and brands introduced using virtual reality.

Think about it. Rather than being observers, VR videos and content allow your audience to become a part of your story. You offer them a personal experience that isn’t possible with 2D videos. You are able to engage your audience on a deeper emotional level, and that makes VR an effective marketing tool.

Serious about Video Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Invest in VR Videos
A grandparent shows his grandchild a VR video of a theme park.

VR content increases conversions

Hotels and resorts market their business in a visual way. Marketers have promoted this industry using amazing photos and videos that capture the beauty of the place for the longest time. These materials will tell clients about the place’s amenities, but it won’t provide them an early engaging experience.

Appealing to the customer at the moment they saw your video is important, for it increases the chances of them turning into customers.

According to the same Nielsen research, 50% of the people who view a VR advertisement are so engaged, they finished watching the material.

This rarely happens to 2D videos nowadays. People still click regular videos (mainly because of the thumbnail), but they don’t stick around long enough until the call to action shows up.

Serious about Video Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Invest in VR Videos
A woman planning her next vacation in the office.

Now we know how engaging VR content is, it’s time to look at how it can help boost your sales.

In 2016, Tourism Australia filmed 18 VR videos for their There’s Nothing Like Australia campaign. They showcased the rich underwater biodiversity as well as the coastal cities.

The VR videos became a tourist magnet.

Results of the campaign show an instant 9% increase in the number of tourists. Their website, maintained 64% engagement with site visitors. Overall, the campaign boosted the entire Australian tourism industry by 104%.

Truly, VR videos can help industries become more engaging and profitable.

Interested? Let’s explore how your company can leverage with this efficient marketing tool.