Why The Search For Preschool and Kindergarten Schools Has Changed

A lot of people say to a parent: “Choose any preschool. They’re kids. They will only go there to play.”

While that’s true, we all know that a kid’s preschool days are crucial to a child’s development. Their environment at this stage directly affects their confidence levels and hones their personality. With that, the search for preschool, day care centres, and kindergartens are challenging for many parents.

The struggle in finding child care services

When looking for child care centres, parents have a few items on their checklist. They don’t want to send their kids in:

– A school located in a sketchy location

– An establishment that doesn’t look safe

– A place that doesn’t meet their health standards.

– An area where a dangerous gun situation happened before.

Those are the biggest deal breakers for a parent.

According to a recent study, two out of three or 62% of the parents interviewed struggle to find a school for their children. They take this issue very seriously. It is necessary for them to find the right school because they value the early education that their kids will receive. A good preschool is a strong foundation for kindergarten, so on and so forth.

Helping parents find and choose the right preschool for their kids

Parents decide based on two things: logic and emotions.

When choosing a preschool, they do heavy research on the options in their neighbourhood. First, they look at the convenient options for them. They shortlist the schools with a great reputation. They look at the institution’s website or social media pages. (People look up things on Google nowadays).

After that, parents usually call then conduct an onsite visit with their child to see how the child reacts to the environment.

However, there are times when parents are too busy to inspect the premises in person. A little online research is all their schedule can accommodate.

Here’s where virtual reality comes in.

VR takes the parents on the virtual tour of the preschool. They get to see the place, from the front door and inside every room.

Here are examples of the virtual tour of a preschool that busy parents will find useful:

Sam’s Early Learning Centre in Singapore

My Little Kingdom Preschool in Singapore

Montessori of Australia

Early Math Matters in Singapore

When parents see materials like this on the website of the preschool they target, they’ll be surprised.

For one, they get more valuable visual information. Something meatier than photos and videos and articles combined.

The more information the parents do ahead of time, the more confident they are with their decision.


What this means for preschool and daycare businesses

It means one thing: people running day care centres and preschools must help the parents make informed choices.

Virtual reality is here to help those businesses. All they need to do is to approach the best people who can help them make it happen.