Why Your Business Needs A Strong 360-Degree Photography

Owning a business today is challenging. It’s hard to get past the noise online and establish a strong connection with your customers. To get their attention, you need to have stunning visuals. You need to embrace new technologies to help you with that. One thing you can do is try high-resolution, interactive, 360-degree photography. With it, your online customers get to view your establishment from the convenience of their computers and smartphones.

To understand why you should embrace this technology and how you can use it to your advantage, continue reading this article.

Advantages of 360-Degree Photography

Business-minded people know an opportunity worth grabbing when they see one. Others have capitalized on 360-degree photography for their business. Here are their reasons:

#1: The picture talks to the customers

Looking at 360 photographs, people get an idea of what your business offers. You don’t need to write long descriptions. The photo lays out the details up front.

Let’s take the education sector for example.

A parent looking for a nice pre-school, kindergarten, or daycare centre would appreciate it if they can see the interiors of the establishment online. It saves their time, instead of hopping from one place to another. A 360 photograph enables them to check different schools from one place.

An immersive 360 photo allows people to get a true indication of the business.

Also, it’s an invitation for them to visit the establishment.

According to statistics, businesses that use 360 photographs get 10% more online attention than those who don’t. They also spend more time browsing the 360 photographs, which reduces their time to look at your competitors.

#2: Your website’s lead generation power increases

With a 360 photograph (and a better web design service), your business won’t present a drab and static website to your customers. Integrating 360 photos makes your website more attractive. It also generates more leads because the immersive HD 360-degree images advertise your services in ways you’ve never imagined before.

What’s more, the 360 photos make your website visitors stay longer on your website. That factor boosts your search engine ranking. If you’re on top of the search results, your web presence increases and you attract more organic traffic to your website.

We’re entering the Web 2.0 revolution. It’s time to make useful changes to your website, like integrating 360 photos on it.

#3: Sales are good

Apart from making your website more efficient, 360 photos make it more profitable. It is 46% more profitable than still images. Companies that use also HD immersive 360 photos properly enjoy up to 135% increase in revenue.

Tip: To reach the 360 photo’s maximum potential, make sure that it goes hand in hand with your marketing and sales strategy.

#4: You boost customer engagement

People love to see HD immersive and interactive 360-degree photos. With it, people browse the websites 10x longer. The extra seconds they spend on your website is a competitive advantage. The longer you engage your website, the more chances of turning them into paying customers.

Now that you know more about 360-degree photography, take a look at how you can harness it for your business:

Making the most of your 360 photography

Have you started thinking about your 360 photography project? Apart from looking for a VR service company to trust, you also need to consider these points:

#1: Identify the hot spots

During the planning stage, you need to identify the areas of your establishment that you want to highlight.

Let’s take a restaurant owner for example.

If you run a restaurant, you might want to give your viewers a view of your entrance, the tables, the bar, the kitchen, and bathroom. Show them the ambience of the restaurant, so they can truly see how it’s like to spend time inside your restaurant.

#2: Make it a part of your marketing strategy

When you embrace VR technology, you have to make it a part of your marketing strategy.

One thing you can do is add more 360 photos to your business’ Google Street View. This way, your customers can also browse the interiors of the establishment. This is helpful, especially when your business is in a congested urban area. It helps them find the place person.

#3: Make it high-definition, realistic, and smooth

If you’re going to invest in 360 photography, we recommend that you work with the best ones.

Choose a company that provides a smooth and enjoyable VR experience.

Find a company that specialises in 360 Photography

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of virtual tours, it’s time for you to find a company that assists you.

It’s easier to engage a VR company when it’s your first time because they have the equipment and the experienced staff who understands your need and can create a beautiful, functional 360 tour that adds value to your business.

It is important to find a VR company that provides great service, produces stunning work, and tailors their service to serve you better.

When you want to produce great 360 photos that add value to your business and your customers enjoy, contact us.