Are You Going to XR:WA Virtual Reality Festival?

If you want to witness how big the immersive media is in Western Australia, then you MUST come to XR:WA. It is the first virtual reality film festival in the area to be held in July.

The festival aims to showcase how Western Australians harness the power of modern technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and high-tech computer animations.

XR:WA will showcase the work of Western Australia’s virtual reality pioneers while giving audiences a chance to experience immersive technologies firsthand,” Culture and the Arts Minister David Templeman said.

There will be talks and expos, which aim to attract local and international delegates who want to work or invest in this growing immersive and interactive media sector.

This new festival is a catalyst for social, cultural, and economic growth through exciting tourism and job opportunities,” he added.

XR:WA is a part of the Revelation Perth International Film Festival, and will happen on July 6-14 across Perth and Fremantle.

Save the date and travel to Western Australia to witness the latest updates on many innovative technologies. Who knows, you might meet someone prominent in this industry. 🙂

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Photo credit: Lutsenko_Oleksandr