5 Types of 3D Architectural Rendering A 3D Service Platform Can Give You

Many designers, builders, and property developers outsource 3D architectural rendering services to optimise their workload. They work with expert 3D visualisation companies who provide them with the perfect advertising, marketing, sales, and presentation materials. But, only a few know the complete range of 3D features that architectural rendering companies can provide them. That means some professionals are missing out on opportunities which can benefit the business. 

To help you out, let’s discuss the most useful types of 3D architectural rendering — and how you can use them on your next project. 

Grayscale 3D renders

The designers need to agree on the basics of design and the significant architectural elements of a structure before they present it to their clients. Here’s where grayscale 3D renders come in. 

3D architectural rendering

Perfect for: 

  1. Discussing the relative position of objects in space. 
  2. Assessing the essential design elements of the structure (no colour schemes, lighting scenarios, texture and other distractions).
  3. Focusing on improving the skeleton of the project. 
  4. Providing your team with a full picture of the plan.

Once done with the basics, the designers can proceed to the next phase of the building process: client consultations. 

Interactive furniture selection

To show your clients the full picture of the plans, you need to show them the house complete with all the furniture pieces and decoration. They need to see the furniture pieces that will fit in every room. Here’s where interactive furniture selector feature comes in. It will help homeowners decide if they like the designer’s proposal, or ifbthey want to change something. 

Perfect for: 

  • Giving your client relevant information about their project before construction starts.
  • Personalising the interior design of the structure.
  • Converting prospects into paying clients. 

It is highly recommended to outsource architectural visualisations and work with a 3D specialist who can help you produce a set of photorealistic 3D renders. 

Tip: Create 3D materials which allow your customers to change the furniture pieces. Work with a studio with a huge library of furniture 3D models. If they have the furniture pieces you need in their database, you no longer need to scan the item in real life. The 3D artist will put the 3D models into the renders you need. 

Apart from interactive furniture, choose a 3D architectural visualisation service which enables your client to change colours, fixtures, texture, fittings and more. 

Personalisation boosts your customers’ engagement, which translates into sales.

Design variations

There are clients who are not sure which interior style they prefer until you show them what each one. Here’s where 3D architectural rendering comes in. With it, you can show your client several design variations. When the homeowner sees the design, they will be able to make up their minds and choose a design that suits their taste. 

Check these design variations:

3D architectural rendering3D architectural rendering3D architectural rendering

Perfect for: 

  • Knowing the client’s taste and preferences
  • Conducting early design consultations
  • Finalising the interior design of every room.

Full 3D 360 architectural walkthrough

A complete 3D 360 architectural walkthrough shows the approved structure’s interior and exterior design, interior layout, styling, decoration, and furniture placement in full detail. It allows your client to immerse themselves in the 3D VR environment where they can explore the structure thoroughly before construction starts. 

Perfect for: 

  • Presenting the project to the clients and stakeholders
  • Convincing them to buy/push through with your design

Tip: Make sure that your 3D 360 architectural walkthrough is accessible using any mobile device: tablet, laptop, mobile phone, and VR headset. Program the 3D walkthrough to make it intuitive and easy to navigate.

CGI videos

If there’s a need to present the project to a meeting or to a crowd, create animated 3D CGI videos. Present your project in motion and in photoreal quality. Convey the atmosphere inside the structure and give them a life-like experience. 

Check this out: 

Perfect for: 

  • Presenting the structure’s design to your clients and online followers
  • Showcasing the project in HD, with complete details

Speak the language of your clients

In a business that needs highly visual marketing and sales materials, you need to outsource 3D architectural rendering services. It helps you communicate with them better. It makes it possible for them to:

  • Examine the basics of the design
  • See their chosen decor and furniture pieces in context
  • Select among different architectural solutions, materials, and colours
  • Explore the property before it’s even built

Do you want to run the design development smoothly? Outsource our 3D modelling and visualization services and we will help you achieve that!