3 Ways Augmented Reality is Helping Businesses

Augmented Reality is not a stranger to you anymore. There are a plethora of apps that use this technology today. A significant number of these apps belong to businesses. One example is Dominos’ AR Pizza Chef which help you customise your pizza online. Another popular AR app is the Sephora Virtual Artist which let you try on makeup products before you buy them. And if you look for AR apps on your mobile phone, you’ll see that a lot of big brands offer their own AR app too. It seems like almost everyone wants to dip their fingers here. Can’t blame them because AR technology improves businesses in so many ways.

Here’s how:


Mobile AR apps ease and speed up the buying process

As we all know, AR is a technology that superimposes computer graphics in your view of the real world. It puts a digital layer over your reality and gives you a composite view.

It also gives businesses a chance to get closer to clients. When you power your business with an AR app, people can take your business wherever they are.


How AR Technology Improves Businesses


Let’s look at IKEA Place, an app which allows users to preview how IKEA products will look like in their homes. It makes furniture shopping so much better because there’s no more second-guessing. Gone are the days of driving to IKEA to buy stuff, estimating, and driving back to the store to return it. The AR app tells you and lets you see which items fit in your home before buying them.

It’s a modern version of the try before you buy. This time, no product is sacrificed. No time nor energy is wasted.


AR allows companies to see and test a design using their mobile devices

Showrooms require huge capital. Not all companies who need one has enough resources to build one.

This is where augmented reality comes in the picture.

Businesses in the architecture and construction industry can benefit in an AR app which lets them see the floor plans come alive whilst using a smartphone. It will be easy for architects and interior designer to present their work to their clients. It will be less difficult for the builders and construction workers to understand the design. The app will help everyone involved in the design process.


How AR Technology Improves Businesses


Augmented reality can also help companies who design prototypes of products and gadgets. Powered with the technology, product designers can visualize a product and test it. It will help them present the product features to the board, even without the physical prototype.


AR makes collaboration a snap

Augmented reality also improves teamwork and strengthens a partnership. Imagine a group of people working on a product design using AR. The technology will increase the participation of every member of the design team. Everyone will work on their part in the pursuit of perfecting the design at this stage.

Companies can also use AR technology to train their newly hired employees. With it, an employee will master a difficult and time-sensitive task faster. The technology will shorten their training and their status as a probationary employee.



Augmented reality technology is not science fiction anymore. It is improving every hour and people discover new applications of it every single day. Before we know it, almost all the businesses in the world will use AR for it truly improves the way we do business. It will become ubiquitous.