Dare to Spend a Week in VR Like Jak Wilmot

If you’re reading this, you have probably heard about how awesome virtual reality is. Perhaps you have tried it a lot of times before and you have liked the experience. Well, your future VR experiences are about to get better. VR technology, both software and hardware side, is in continuous development in pursuit of making VR experiences more realistic for everyone. Sooner or later, everyone will spend a long period of time in VR…

Why? Because VR will change the way we operate.

VIZ360 is one of the institutions that believe that it will happen. And, while we try to create breathtakingly realistic virtual display homes and VR showrooms in preparation for this future, Jak Wilmot from Disrupt Media tested if we humans can survive in a VR world. He wore a VR headset for a week — a staggering 168 hours. He worked, played, ate, slept, and showered in his VR glasses. He used apps that help him do ‘real world’ tasks in the virtual world. So far, there are apps that helped him exercise, meditate, travel, work, and socialize.

Jak and his team created a documentary about everything he experienced. Here’s what happened:

The results of Jak’s VR experience is quite interesting. It’s nice that we can do a lot of things from the comfort of our own home because everything we need can fit inside the headset. Our ideal world is inside it and is right before our eyes.

This can happen in real life, in a few years. We’re excited about it… about life made easy and a world that’s more connected.

There’s another important thing that Jak realised after the experience. After 168 hours immersed in VR, he has never felt happier to go outside to feel the sun and the breeze. He said VR can’t replace our innate connection with nature.

That’s true. VR can be breathtakingly realistic, but it can’t replace the beauty of Mother Earth. We don’t think VR aims to replace the real world either. The technology is here to mimic it, so we have more means to live life to the fullest.