How 3D marketing materials enhance sales people’s performance

Based on experience, the 3D marketing materials we produce has the potential to improve a company’s current sales training. We create tools that both enhance a sales person’s performance — from giving a sales pitch to practice presentations.

Let’s see how 3D sharpens your team’s sales training:

1. Role-playing in sales is easier

Regular sales training is a must to sharpen the skills of your sales team. Role-playing is one of the activities that the team always do to enhance their sales presentation. Here, your sales team pretends that their colleagues are customers. They practice talking to various customer archetypes.

To spice up the role-playing activity, challenge them to integrate your 3D marketing materials into their presentation. Challenge them to give the customer a digital tour, and make it an unforgettable experience.

You’ll be surprised to know how 3D tours give the customer what they want, and it makes the meeting happy, meaningful, and productive.

Why practice with 3D tours?

If you are going to embrace 3D technology as part of your marketing, you also need to train your salespeople on how to use it.

When used right, the 3D materials bolster their sales technique. It helps the salesperson interact with their prospect smoothly. It builds empathy, so they relate to the customer more.

2. It is easier to train rookie salespeople

Managers always train newly hired salespeople so they can catch up and run with the big dogs in a team.

To improve their onboarding experience, expose the newbies to virtual training. Use 3D marketing materials and challenge them to practice their sales pitch using it. You can give them a sample presentation, so it’s not harder for them to duplicate a sales strategy that works.

Use 3D marketing tools as your edge.

Selling products and properties using 3D tools is a strategy that many salespeople want to master. It boosts their confidence and lets them rock their sales presentations.

Also, presenting 3D marketing materials is more engaging than showing a brochure. It leaves a long-lasting impression to the client. It makes your salespeople unforgettable.

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