How Beneficial 3D Virtual Tours Are For Real Estate Agents, Buyers, and Sellers

You might be wondering… How and why are VIZ360’s 3D Virtual Tours beneficial to real estate agents, buyers, and sellers?

In this blog, we’ll answer your burning questions about VIZ360’s technology. We’ll show you how immersive media changed the way we buy and sell properties, and how it changed this multi-trillion dollar industry for good.

Keeping up with the technology

The real estate industry has always relied on visual materials. Real estate agents and brokers need photos and videos of a property for sale. They need it to produce marketing materials and to make their listings more enticing.

The thing is, the media and photography industry is evolving at a much faster pace. Today, we have virtual reality, 3D virtual tours, and virtual mapping which realtors can harness to improve the businesses. Unfortunately, not all real estate agents out there are maximising the technology available for them. They say the old ways (photos, slideshows, and videos) still work, why change it?

This is both a problem and an opportunity.

It is a problem because brokers are at risk of losing customers and going out of business.

It is an opportunity for real estate agents or brokers who embrace VR because they possess a tool that can help them increase their productivity, sales, time management, etc.

Why realtors must consider using 3D virtual tours

At VIZ360, we are developing 3D virtual tours that positively affect the buyer, the seller, and the agent — and that’s what makes it an efficient sales and marketing tool.

Here’s an example of our virtual tour:

At this point, we think you already have an idea of what VR is. What you have little idea about is how powerful this technology is and how it affects the real estate industry.

Ability to change the behaviour of your customers online.

Almost all service-based businesses are found online. These companies use Street View (360° Photograph) to show the entrance and interiors of their business. They do this because they want their customers to conveniently view their location before they choose to go. If their customers like what they see, they will most likely visit the shop soon.

The same thing happens in the real estate industry. Home buyers nowadays care about what they would feel when they go to a property. When a real estate agent shows a home buyer a hyper-realistic virtual tour of the home (instead of regular photos and videos), they get to visit the property instantly. VR gives them an idea of how the place looks without travelling anywhere. If they liked it, they would want to know more about it. Real estate agents get to engage them throughout the sales process, with higher chances of securing a deal.

See? With VR, the consumer’s act. They engage with your agents, visit your website, sign up to your newsletters, buy stuff, and avail the discounts you offer. That’s what your business (and every other business) wants, right?

A more robust marketing strategy

If you’re a real estate agent and broker, you know how important it is to have an effective marketing strategy.

Our recommendation? Produce active and passive digital content.

The best passive content examples for a real estate business are photos, videos, slideshow, 2D drawing, and 3D renders. It only offers a limited view of the property, showing only the best angles. This works, but it’s not enough. There are times when the clients feel disappointed and once they step in the property.

Immersive 3D virtual tours are considered as active content. It allows the viewers to explore the property as a whole. It’s like visiting the property — but in virtual reality. They get to feel the space before investing their time and money in it.

As realtors, you know that your client’s time is precious. They’ll appreciate if you don’t waste their time and effort by showing them perfect photos and videos that don’t exactly picture the property you sell. Doing this only makes them feel disappointed. You don’t want them to lose their trust in you.

The real tool that boosts engagement

Millions of realtors look for clients online. Competition is increasing. To win clients, you need to engage them first. The more people you engage, the better your business gets.

Here in VIZ360, we believe that technology can help agents and brokers differentiate themselves from their competition.

The thing is, there are only a few ways to stand out from your competition online. One way is to use 3D virtual tours.

When you integrate 3D virtual tours in your presentation, your meeting becomes interactive. You establish a strong connection with your client. The conversation becomes engaging. Your client likes your service. You win their trust. If everything goes well, you close the deal.

See? Replacing your presentation materials makes a huge impact.

What’s more, 3D virtual tours do more than enticing your meetings. Publish it on your website and share it on social media. When you do, your digital audience gets to see the properties for sale on a whole new level.

Another thing to do is embed your 3D virtual tours in a landing page you want to promote and advertise (on search engine or social media). When you do, your landing page becomes more interesting to the people who see it. You get higher conversions and a bigger chance of getting quality leads.

Using 3D virtual tours, you will hit two birds with one stone. Whether you present it personally to a buyer or your buyer came across it online, the 3D tour gets appreciated. It inspires the buyer. It excites them with the idea of owning a home. It drives serious buyers closer to a point of sale.

Now that you know what a 3D virtual tour can do for your real estate business, we hope that you have a stronger reason to adopt this technology.


More reasons to adopt VR technology

Realtors and brokers switch from regular photography to 3D virtual tours once they understand how the technology benefits everyone — from the agent, the seller, to the buyer. The more you know, the more confident you are about embracing this technology.

The pain points of a real estate agent

Let’s face it. Of all, the agent carries the biggest burden. Most of them have a limited marketing budget. Everyone’s got a tight schedule as well. Here’s how our 3D virtual tour can help:

  • VIZ360’s VR tours provide the client with a hyper-realistic and accurate view of the property. It allows a massive number of people to view the property all at once. It saves the agents a lot of time because they don’t need to conduct a physical tour for all their prospects. Only sure buyers get to visit the property in person.
  • With a VR tour, the property is available 24/7. No more waiting for days and hours for an open house.
  • Listings get more attention. Your listing with a great virtual tour stands out from all the listings with regular photos and videos. It gets 40% more clicks and receives 65-95% more inquiries.
  • Our virtual tours come in a 1:1 scale, meaning your clients see the real size of the property and every area/room in the house.

The pain points of the seller

Faster transactions. That’s the main benefit of the seller with 3D virtual tours. Since their property gets noticed more than the others, they receive more offers and they get to sell the property faster.

Also, they don’t need to spend a lot of time and effort in preparing for an open house. VR tours increase inquiries and help real estate agents identify serious buyers. Agents schedule fewer open house schedules and the seller doesn’t need to prepare the house for one every time.

The pain points of the buyer

From the buyer’s point of view, 3D virtual tours are heaven sent.

  • VIZ360’s accurate representation of the property positively affects the user’s experience when searching for a new home online.
  • They get to know the property well, thanks to the immersive visuals and interactive features.
  • They get more information beyond what they see. We embed valuable information strategically in the virtual tour — photos, videos, text, videos, and links directed to your website. Your buyer will now have more information about the property.
  • It’s convenient. They don’t hop from one place to another, trying to find their perfect home. They get to choose their ideal property online.

Is it time for a change?

Opting for 3D virtual tours is a small step that can add a lot of value to your real estate business. Your clients’ needs changes. It’s high time to address this.

It’s time to invest in a tool and strategy that works.

Thinking of all the benefits of using virtual tours, this is a worthy investment. It’s not expensive as well. In fact, VR services are getting cheaper as technology gets more advanced.

Do it. Help yourself, your clients, and your buyers. When you do, everybody becomes a winner.

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