How Virtual Reality Improves Gyms and Fitness Centres

The students in a spinning class let out a loud woohoo as they rode through the rings of fire that they see through their VR headsets. This is the last set of immersive VR content for this day’s workout. Tomorrow, the students will bike on the Sahara Desert, and they expect to see pyramids along the way.

This is not an ordinary indoor biking centre. Here, they use virtual reality, surround sound, and scent to fully immerse exercisers in a digital environment. Some people find this program more interesting compared to a regular spinning class, where you can only see your instructor and other students.

When gym owners and fitness instructors use immersive VR content, they make workouts more stimulating, exhilarating, and exciting. As a result, the exercise feels less tedious. At the end of the day, the exercisers did something fun while burning fats and toning their muscles.

VR takes exercisers to a whole new world

In a spin class, the participants who wore VR headsets are able to pedal through different digital environments. They bike side to side or up and down, following the road they see.

All participants are given a world of their own. They can’t see anyone else, even their classmates. As a result, they feel less conscious about how they look while working out. Their only goal is to finish biking through the 3D VR game-like environment.

Also, hyper-realistic visuals don’t make them feel trapped in virtual reality. They forget that they’re in the gym or fitness centre for a while.

How Immersive VR Content Improves Gyms and Fitness Programs
Spinning class students like VR environments that show the beauty of nature, like this pathway in the middle of a lush forest.

Immersive VR environments are also used in Yoga/meditation classes. Here, the visuals are more relaxing and the surround sound system release vibrations that reduce one’s tension and anxiety. Yoga instructors find it fascinating — a coalesce of tradition and innovation.

How Immersive VR Content Improves Gyms and Fitness Programs

Yoga puts a woman in a tranquil VR environment to help her loosen up for this pose.

Exercise enhanced by VR Games

For a more action-packed sports like boxing, gyms use VR headsets pre-installed with their own branded game or app. The VR environment moves and changes in accordance with the boxer’s movement. The gloves they use have sensors on them to track their hand movement. These sensors allow the boxers to track their improvements as well (strength, agility, speed, etc.).

Also, a VR boxing app makes boxing safer and more enjoyable. The boxers will see their improvement without getting hit by their sparring partner.

How Immersive VR Content Improves Gyms and Fitness Programs
Virtual Reality boxing

Right now, there are only a few boxing gyms in the world that offer this service. Every boxing studio who wants to needs a VR app to use.

Playing VR games is a pretty great exercise

In 2017, researchers in the San Francisco University’s Department of Kinesiology found out that playing action VR games is good exercise. The participants end up doing moderate to intense workouts and they didn’t mind it because they had fun. VR distracted them, they think they’re just playing, and forgot about the exercise.

The result of this research is important to gym owners and fitness instructors. Imagine how amazing workouts can be when powered with immersive VR content. People will enjoy it. They will be able to do intense training without burning out themselves out. They will get the fit physique they want while having fun.

The challenge is putting VR inside gyms and fitness centres. Are you a gym or fitness centre owner who’s interested to use VR in your fitness program? Contact us and let’s talk about your project.