How to Start Creating VR Content for Your Business

Virtual reality technology exploded in 2016 after the release of the Oculus Rift. A lot of excited users ⁠— including business people got their hands on the powerful headset which inspired them to start creating VR content for their businesses. 

Fast forward to 2019, VR became a game changer for enterprises. More businesses incorporated VR into their workflow to boost client meetings, enhance productivity, improve efficiency in the workplace, etc. Industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate already found a way to use VR technology to their advantage. Technology experts say that more industries will follow. 

How to Start Creating VR Content for Your Business

There is an overwhelming amount of information on how VR can help you improve your sales, marketing strategies, employee training, and customer service. There are case studies stating how transformative it is when you use hyper-realistic and immersive experiences. 

As a business interested in embracing VR, you always ask how can you begin creating VR content that works for you and how can you do this without a background in 3D design and a little knowledge about the technology. Here’s the best way to start:

Where to begin

A lot of businesses find embracing VR for the first time overwhelming. To lighten the workload and speed up the process, engage a VR visualisation company early. Outsourcing VR content creators is the best way to go for a company who has zero to little background in 3D design and VR development. Delegating the heavy work saves time and resources because you don’t need to start from scratch and figure out how things work on your own. 

When taking your first leap into VR, work with a VR visualisation company who gives you options. There are more than two ways you can harness the power of VR technology. Here in VIZ360, we offer 3D virtual tours, 3D virtual display homes, 3D renders, 3D virtual showrooms, 3D virtual fit-outs, and 360-degree photography. We can help you find the best and most sustainable VR solution for your business.

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A lot of our clients are architects, interior designers, home builders, property developers, and real estate agents and brokers. In less than a year, we helped them elevate their services using VR.

Invest in handy VR materials

VR is accessible nowadays, but not all of your clients know how to use it. Whenever we go to tech conventions, we encounter people who had no idea what to do once you hand them the headset and the controllers. 

Think about your clients when you invest in VR. Make sure the VR material is easy to use. You don’t want to confuse your clients when they take a test drive. A bad VR material won’t boost your sales.

Here in VIZ360, we strive to provide the best VR materials that you can use to present your products and services. We make interactive VR environments to engage the user in the virtual world. We program the VR to highlight the products/services you offer. 

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No, you don’t need to invest in extra hardware

When you incorporate VR in your business, you should at least invest in a powerful computer and your own branded VR headset. 

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When you engage a VR visualisation company, you don’t need to spend much money on hardware. There is no need to buy a 360° Pro camera because the VR visualisation company already owns the equipment you need. They also have the software needed to create 3D models and VR content. 

When you produce a ‘one-time’ VR content for long-term use, engaging a VR visualisation company is the most cost-effective option.

First step: call the VR experts

We understand that diving into the world of VR is intimidating, especially when you have very little knowledge about the technology. Hopefully, this blog helped you gain confidence to approach VR visualisation companies and ask about the appropriate VR solutions for you. 

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