How to Use 360 Virtual Tours in Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Launching effective social media campaigns is one of the best methods to gain more clients, to promote your brand, and to increase your business’ online visibility. But, it’s difficult to stand out when everyone uses the same kinds of marketing materials. What you can do is utilise new technologies, like 360 virtual tours. Offer something new to get ahead of your competitors.

An interactive 360 virtual tour allows your customers to enter your brick and mortar store without physically visiting it. It allows you to present your business in a more modern way, a more customer-centric way. All they need to visit your store digitally is a computer or mobile device connected to the internet. Once online, they are free to access it anytime, anywhere.

Sounds convenient? To fully understand how it works, here’s a pretty good example of it. It’s a store of second-hand mobile phones and laptops in Singapore. It’s integrated with their eCommerce website, so the client can make a purchase immediately.


This is how you use 360 virtual tours like this on your social media campaigns:

Step 1: Publish one online

The first thing you have to do is create a 360 virtual tour of your own. A material that enables your customers to look around the store and inspect the products you sell.

You might be asking, what does an ideal virtual tour look like?

For one, it must look real. Hyper-realistic visuals entice the customer to physically visit your store to buy from you.  

Second, it needs to be interactive. The user must be able to zoom in and out, pan to the left and the right, and click to view information.

Lastly, it must be 100% accessible. Users must be able to see your virtual tours from any device — desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and VR headset.

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If your asking, this is different from Google Street View. The street view only lets you see the storefront. A 360 virtual tour lets them go inside the store and be able to buy something.

Step 2: Enhance your Google marketing strategy

Before anything else, we want to tell you that there are a lot of social media platforms where you can use virtual tours.

Your priority should be Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Street View, and Google+. Load your virtual tours here to give your customers a preview of what your shop looks like inside.

When your customers get to see beyond the front door, you let them connect with you. You let them see your products and services. Your customers feel more engaged. As a result, they get more interested in what you offer. They want to visit your store in person.

Adding 360 virtual tours in your Google campaign delivers produces great results alone. But, to reach more people on the internet, you got to showcase your virtual tours in other places.

Good thing, sharing virtual tours on social media is as simple as sharing a link.

Step 3: Showcase the virtual tour on social media

To make your 360 virtual tours visible to more people, we recommend sharing it on social media.

You can upload it on Youtube like a regular video. This video social media giant reports that 8 out of 10 people streams videos on their platform every day.

You can embed the 360 virtual tours on your Facebook page through it’s ‘Advanced’ tab. Once you lock and load this on your FB page, your current followers will see this and their peers have a chance of seeing them too.

You can also share your virtual tours on Twitter. Simply write a short and sweet promotional statement and include a link to your VR tour.  

Don’t forget to integrate your VR tours on your website. Showcase your 360 virtual tours here so your website benefits from it too.

Finally, if you find an online business directory that supports 360 images or is integrated with your Google Maps/Google My Business, don’t hesitate to use immersive media to add pizazz to your listing.

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