How to use immersive 3D content to improve customer experience

From being a lucrative technology that was only available to high-end and large scale builders, immersive 3D content is now being used by a lot of local builders nationwide. 

Many of them use it as a sales and marketing tool — a digital version of their physical display homes that entertain clients and generate leads 24/7. 

Technology like immersive 3D content is a good investment, businesswise, because it is customer-centric. It enhances a person’s experience as they go through the buying process. 

Continue reading to understand how mutually beneficial immersive 3D content is to your company and your customers.

Using immersive 3D content as an advantage

Technology such as immersive 3D content has multiple inherent strengths that convert tour visitors into quality prospects. First, is its ability to provide a fully immersive experience. Second, is its ability to stimulate emotional responses as the customers interact with the space. 


The 3D content used to sell houses and properties must be a fully immersive experience. 

Here in VIZ360, we make our immersive experiences engaging with the help of clickable hotspots, floor plan navigation, and lively audio. We create stunning and unique immersive experiences that your clients haven’t seen from your competitors.  

Emotional stimulation

The goal of immersing the client in a 3D virtual environment is to allow them to interact with the space in a very personal way. Here in VIZ360, we develop a hyper-realistic virtual experience to elicit natural emotional responses. We want to help you ‘wow’ your prospects, but that’s not enough. We want to help you make them feel like they saw their future home. 

You do not need to fear how you are going to reach your customers. Immersive 3D content is accessible to everyone who has a computer, smartphone, or a VR headset. 

The role of immersive 3D content in customer experience

Immersive 3D content offers unique advantages and has a strong potential in terms of customer reach and retention, virtual product testing and product simulation, and real-time consumer feedback. 

There are many real-life examples that prove 3D content’s ability to improve customer experience.

In customer reach and retention

Immersive 3D experiences attract a lot of attention online. Unlike browsing an ordinary web page, entering a virtual experience is more personal. The immersive 3D material provides the customer with helpful resources and enough information to understand the space. 

To convert the viewers, give them an option to contact your support agent. This method makes the buyer initiate the beginning of the purchasing process. Such experience leads to higher customer retention rates since personal communication fosters brand loyalty.

In virtual product testing and product simulation

Many of your prospects are busy and they can’t find time to visit your physical display home. Send them a link to your 3D experiences. Guide them in every step of the way. Make them feel involved in the process. 

Immersive 3D experiences give them an enhanced trial experience. If they liked what they saw, they might engage your services. 

Trial runs are tried and tested to satisfy customers and boost sales. 

Real-time customer feedback

Positive customer experience and feedback are crucial factors to the success of a business. A business that values what their customers have to say fosters brand loyalty. 

With immersive 3D content, you can get your client’s feedback after the tour. Use their comments to improve the experience for your future clients.

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