How VR Tech Took Over the Real Estate Industry

Experts say that there were at least 200M active users of virtual reality in 2018, and the numbers continue to blow. Most people use it for gaming, but a significant number of people integrate it into their businesses. Realtors and brokers are one of the professionals who find VR useful. It’s a revolutionary tool for them. VR tech took over the real estate industry and if you want to keep your business up with the times, you must jump on the VR trend right now.

3D Virtual Tours: A realtor’s and broker’s new best friend

Science confirmed that 83% of home buyers nowadays want to view the property online. Stunning photos, slideshows, and videos are useful but they fancy seeing a 3D virtual tour more.

Why 3D VR tours? Because no matter where your clients are, they can visit the property. The open house runs 24/7 too. All they need to do is access the virtual tour and put on their VR headset. In a second, they are in the virtual world, exploring an accurate digital copy of the property. They are free to explore every room, examine every feature, and see the structure as if they were really there.

All that without leaving their home or office. No more waiting for a long time for an on-site visit.

Convenient, right?

This is how realtors and brokers must present the properties they sell nowadays. This is one reason to invest in VR.

Eliminate any issues when buying sight unseen properties

Realtors and brokers strive to sell to people overseas. The thing is, not all of them travel to see the property before buying it. In fact, about one-third of real estate buyers today purchase properties without seeing it in person.

Although people sometimes buy a property sight unseen, it’s a remarkably bad idea. Sight unseen transactions always end up with issues. Issues that they could’ve avoided if only there was a site visit.

If the buyer can’t step foot into the property, the agent and broker need to give their client a way to see the property as a whole.

The solution is VR technology. Immerse them in 3D virtual tours. Let them experience the property without having to fly over. Allow them to see and “visit” the property regardless of their location and time-zone. Offer this service in case your client can’t visit the site because of the distance or schedule conflicts.

Give your clients fancy presentations

Virtual reality powered presentations gives your client a whole new home buying experience.

For one, VR enables you to show the client the look of the property during the day and at night. Agents and brokers who only offer physical site visits can’t always do this. When they do, they have no choice but to bring their clients back to the property which is costly and time-consuming for both parties.

Also, VR allows you to customise the entire experience. With a few clicks, show them their interior design options. Show them what the property looks like from day to night. Let them see what the property looks like with a crowd.

In short, VR adds extra wow to your business. It’s your edge against your competitors. There are realtors and brokers who receive positive online reviews from their clients because they offer 3D virtual tours. Their clients felt special because they’ve had a one-of-a-kind experience.

Offer simultaneous presentations

Since you offer digital open houses, you can arrange a group meeting with your prospect buyers almost every hour. Imagine the convenience of working from home and holding simultaneous presentations to people from different locations. One minute you’re doing business with someone from New York, next you’re meeting a client from Amsterdam.

With VR, your job as an agent or broker becomes easier and quicker. Most of your presentations are done online. In the traditional way, you would have to schedule each site visit and shell more money in the process.

Allow real estate flippers to visualise proposals

Some realtors and brokers do business with property flippers, the people who buy a house that needs repair and fixes it before reselling it for a profit.

VR can help you present your proposals to show them the potential of a property. Use VR to show how a property looks like after a renovation. An immersive and interactive visual makes it easier to do business with them.

Improve communication with interior decorators

In some cases, a homebuyer who wants to update the interiors of the property they bought uses the 3D virtual tour to communicate with their designer. VR eliminates communication barriers and makes the design process easier.

Pursue convenience

Apart from investing in a great 3D VR tour, your real estate business must invest in VR hardware. The cost of VR hardware drops as technology improves. For your business, invest in high-end tethered and standalone VR headsets. Convince your clients to invest in smartphone powered VR HMDs as well.

No more waiting.

Now is the right time to embrace VR. You don’t want to be one of the last ones to adopt this technology. We encourage and dare you to be a game changer in the retail industry. Use VR to boost your career and to take your business to new heights.

Not sure how to begin? Leave a message. We’ll respond to you ASAP with ways how VR can help you and how we can get you on the right track.

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