Is Your Business Ready For An Enterprise VR Project That Drives ROI?

The entertainment and gaming industry remains the biggest and largest winning case for virtual reality. It convinces millions of people to try VR, which increases market demand. With more people using VR daily, it is no surprise that other businesses start to harness this technology. In this blog, we will discuss enterprise VR examples that drive a significant return of investment. We hope that this helps you recognise the potential and value of VR for your business. If you’re running a B-to-B or B-to-C company and you think one or two of the VR applications are relevant to you, consider embracing it.

Commercial real estate

The real estate industry relies on heavy visual. Clients who are looking for a place to do business find VR extremely useful because it enables them to visit the property in an instant. It is convenient, interactive, and a digital on-site visit. 

Using VR is also beneficial to agents and brokers. Uploading VR with the property listing filters the leads because only the people who are seriously interested in the property will contact the agent. They have more time and enegy to spend on high-priority clients.

VIZ360 previously worked with a real estate agent who aims to sell a luxury apartment in Surfer’s Paradise in Queensland. Here’s how we helped the business:


Commercial fit-outs

VR is also useful to professionals in the architecture and design industry. VR helps them present their design to their clients. Able to visualise the space, their clients can engage themselves in the design process.

VR technology improves the workflow of designers. We are proud to help this architect design the interiors of this cafe:

Here’s an example of how an interior designer used VR:


Homebuilders and property developers

VR replaces the physical showrooms of homebuilders and property developers. It is a hyper-realistic digital showroom, which is available 24/7 for clients anywhere in the world. 

In this project, we helped a builder present one of their best selling home designs digitally:


Furniture Dealers

Most furniture dealers today have online platforms. It is convenient, but it can be hard to visualise the pieces of furniture in their space. 

Here’s where VR becomes a useful tool for both furniture dealers and their clients. 

VR can showcase a space that doesn’t exist yet. Furniture dealers can use it to present furniture pieces in a room, so clients can envision how the pieces look like in real life. A great web-based VR eliminates the need for a physical showroom. It also gives clients the confidence to shop online, anytime and anywhere. 

Using VR before buying furniture for a home or office is a cost-efficient solution because clients can try an item before they buy it. The experience discourages redos and returns. It saves everybody’s time, effort, and money.

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Is your business ready for VR?

VR technology helped businesses far and beyond what we expected. It infiltrated many industries. VR in enterprises is truly not for gamers.  

How about you, how do you envision VR affecting your business?