Oculus Quest’s Success is EXACTLY What VR Needs to Hit Mainstream

It’s been seven years since John Carmack first told the world about his VR headset that looked like ski goggles. That contraption evolved into one of the most powerful VR headsets today: the Oculus Rift. 

A photo of John Carmack during the development stages of Oculus Rift.

A lot of developments happened since then. Virtual reality is now a multi-billion dollar industry. We don’t have finicky and bulky VR headsets anymore.

We now have Oculus Quest. A wireless, self-contained VR headset. It doesn’t rely on your computer to operate. You only need to pair it with your smartphone. It has built-in speakers, but you may plug your 3.5mm phone jack on either side of the headset, in case you want to use headphones.

Quest offers decent graphics. The display panel is OLED and has a resolution of 1440 x 1600 per eye. The refresh rate is 72Hz, meaning it produces smooth pictures.

The device is like a smartphone too. It’s powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and has a 4GB RAM. It comes with two Oculus Touch controllers and a USB-C charger.

But, those aren’t the best features of Oculus Quest. On each side of the VR headset are two mounted cameras with sensors that track the controllers’ position as well as the movement of your head. It enables six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking.

The earlier and cheaper standalone headset called Oculus Go only offers 3DOF tracking.
Now that we’re using Oculus Quest, we know the difference.

Here’s a gif image that shows you the difference between the two:

The easiest headset to use

The setup process is a breeze. All you need to do is pair Oculus Quest with your phone, connect the headset to the WiFi, and pair the Touch controllers with the headset. You won’t need external devices. Quest is as independent as a smartphone. All you need to do is put the headset on and enjoy the immersive experience.

Having the ability to immerse yourself in virtual reality and wander around the digital world in an instant is a futuristic experience. Oculus Quests provides this to millions of users all over the world (and counting). The current users of Oculus Quest love it — they use it every day, and they won’t stop using it anytime soon.

Console-like usage

Jason Rubin, Facebook VP of Special Gaming Strategies, said that Oculus Quest headsets are seeing a console-like usage because there are no cables that limit the user. 

“It’s evolutionary. It’s not revolutionary,” Rubin said in a separate interview.

At the Code Conference 2019, Andrew Bosworth, Facebook VP for AR and VR reported that the headset delivered over $5M in content sales in its first two weeks on the market. 

People who ordered Oculus Quest online need to wait two to three weeks before their headset arrived. 

Above all, the feedback from the users on this 6DOF headset is overwhelmingly positive.

I can see this being true. I’ve never used a VR headset as much as the Quest. I use it almost every day. It’s just so easy to pick up and play. — andittle

I have consistently put in AT LEAST one hour every day since I picked it up — IzzyNobre

I’ve been using mine every day since launch. Can’t see me slowing down any time soon! — colourpixels

We’re near the widespread adoption of VR

Oculus Quest, a powerful standalone headset in this 5G connected world, is what VR needs to hit the mainstream.

Think about it. When millions of or billions of people use Quest to access VR for hours every day, the market will surely follow.

At the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo held last month, Rubin said that the companies that committed to providing their customers with reliable and engaging VR experiences have doubled. Commercial VR content is on demand.

Think about it. Once a billion of people get easy access to virtual reality using Oculus Quest, then VR will hit the mainstream.

It will be a worldwide phenomenon, and it will be bigger than the smartphone. It will affect people’s buying power and will impact almost all industries.

What this means for your business

At VIZ360, we provide stunning 360|VR services to the commercial VR market. We help businesses plan, create, and publish immersive experiences that can boost marketing strategies, sales processes, and overall customer experience. 

This year, we want our current and future customers to have more accessible VR. We are launching VIZ360 Freestyler, a revolutionary application which allows users to visualise, interact, and experience products and places in stunning 360|VR — all from the convenience of their mobile phone, tablet, computers, and VR headset (Oculus Quest included).

For more detailed information, hear it from our Founder, Jake Robinson.

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