Predicting the Future of Augmented Reality this 2019 (and Beyond)

Is it too early to say that the future of augmented reality is bright? No. In fact, we are on the way to its widespread adoption. Giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Magic Leap are building their own competitive augmented reality hardware and software. We saw some of their prototypes in this year’s consumer and electronics show in Las Vegas. The AR advancements featured there, especially in gaming and entertainment, gave out hot steam that made small businesses notice it. More people are looking into it now. So, this year is an important year for AR hardware components and software. Here are our inductive predictions on this awesome technology:

AR will have multiplayer features

Created in ARKit 2.0, future AR mobile apps will have a multiplayer function. More people will experience an AR scene altogether.

Think of playing Pokemon Go, but the Pokemon will stay fixed in a specific area. A lot of players will see it, but only one person will catch it. And, let’s say you’re playing with a friend. The other player will see how you interact with the 3D creature like it’s real and present in the real world.

AR games is more fun like this, isn’t it? 🤓

We will use smartphones with AR integrations

You don’t need to buy a Google Pixel smartphone to take advantage of ARCore. In CES 2019, we saw a long list of other smartphone brands that support it! There are models from LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Samsung, Razer, OnePlus, Nokia, Motorola, and Asus… and they will release more AR-enabled android phones in the future!

According to tech experts, the future smartphones with AR integrations will be lighter, slimmer, cheaper, stronger, and long-lasting.

Of course, more Apple devices will possess ARKit capabilities.

Our phone cameras are not just for selfies

With millions of AR-enabled smartphones, both Android and iOs, we predict that the smartphone camera will be more powerful. Developers will build around it, making it the central element of the phone.

Marketers will try AR advertising

With more people holding AR-enabled phones and wearing AR Glasses, we predict that marketers will dip their fingers in AR advertising.

Think of AR popups that advertise a nearby restaurant to you as you walk down the street. Or, 3D images of food items when you look at a restaurant’s menu.

AR is a new and fresh medium for advertising. Once we have the smartphone and the wearable technology to support it, we will see it more often.

Predicting the Future of Augmented Reality this 2019 (and Beyond)

What will happen beyond 2019

The answer is simple. AR will be integrated seamlessly into our lives. People will realize that this technology is more than a novelty. It is not just for gaming and entertainment.

Theoretically, we count on AR to be man’s digital best friend who’s there whenever we want to access any object or information that’s available online. It will show us what we need in just seconds.

What’s more, AR will allow us to give home assistants a body. An assistant we will see when we need them. And, it’s not impossible for us to have a digital pet. Think about it: no more feeding, no cleanup, and you can have any pet that you want! (e.g. dinosaur, an extinct animal, or a pokemon). Wouldn’t this be nice?

Final thoughts

A lot of AR advancements happened in 2018 and it will continue this year. We are excited for everything that will happen. 🙂