How a Simple and Quick 3D Rendering Makes You Better in Sales

Sales is not an easy job. Businesses have tried a lot of strategies from sending wide-smiled salespeople on field, giving out brochures, to showing digital advertisements. A lot of strategies work, but there are more things that sales people haven’t tried. One of those things is a simple and quick 3D rendering. 

Let’s discuss how this tool can help sales people, especially in the real estate, retail, and construction industries. We also have tips for selling using 3D renders. 

You can personalize 3D renders

The option to personalise the sales and marketing material instantly is one of the best features of 3D rendering. It makes the customer feel involved during the sales process. 

Here is a video of an apartment design getting personalized by a client:

Client engagement was our main goal when we created this material for one of our clients who is an interior designer. With this new tool, clients develop a high-level of interest in the designer’s services. It shows the apartment’s ideal interior design, but the client is free to personalise it. He/she can change finishes, colours, and fixtures. In the end, the client feels like being treated to an exclusive experience because other local interior designers haven’t offered this service yet.

Invest in high-quality 3D visuals to ensure your clients have a great experience. After closing the sale, your next goal is to get referrals from your clients. When you have given them a great service, the more likely they are to refer you to their friends and colleagues.

You can be the client’s first choice

Using 3D technology is a lead magnet. It is a tool that appeals to the crowd, particularly to the younger generations. Sonar’s research revealed that people (especially Gen Z buyers) are attracted to brands that use immersive 3D technologies.

If your business is targeting the Gen Y and Z buyers, take advantage of this opportunity. Get a lot of clients using this technology and you might become a household name.

You can put your products and services into context

If you’re a retail shop owner who wants to sell more products online, immersive 3D technology is one of the things you should invest in. 

Using 3D technology, you can show your products in context. This helps your customers understand the uses and purpose of an item you sell — plus why they should buy it. The 3D images tell stories and establish an emotional connection with the buyer, until they are prompted to buy.  

You can provide buyers with a sense of what they’re paying for

Hyper-realistic, immersive 3D technology can help you sell a structure that’s far from the buyer or that’s not yet built. The technology 

Instead of showing simple photos or 2D floor plans, show your clients an extremely detailed 3D environment, structure, and interior. This can provide them with a clear picture of what they will own in the future. This gives them a better sense of the space, which can increase their level of interest 

With 3D, your clients can assess the size of the house, how spacious the rooms, how light come in from the windows, the colour and material palette used, and the finishes of every surface.

You can go on field with less hassle

Gone are the days where salespeople go out on the field carrying a bunch of folders with photos and flyers. When you use 3D technology, you can survive with a lightweight laptop, tablet, or a phone on the field. 

Here in VIZ360, we help professionals build a mobile portfolio that you can fit in your pocket. Just bring is your handy VR headset, then you can give your clients a virtual tour of your work. 

With 3D designs stored on a mobile device, you don’t need to bring physical products on the field. 

Get quick 3D rendering 

The good news is, the hardware and software needed to offer 3D renders to your clients are getting more affordable and more accessible to the masses. Soon, a lot more people

Dive in early to offer unforgettable customer experiences that help you sell things that are far away, too large to carry, or are yet to exist. 

Here at VIZ360, we strive to produce excellent 3D visuals that you can use to market and sell your services. We can help you create world-class visuals that your clients can enjoy. Tell us how we can help you and your business. Email us or send an inquiry via YoutubeFacebook, or LinkedIn.



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February 16, 2020