Top 9 benefits of virtual house tours after the COVID-19 pandemic

Sales and marketing experts around the world foresee significant changes in how people buy prefabricated homes even after the COVID-19 pandemic, and they are encouraging large-scale home builders to offer online virtual house tours this year. 

Is there a need to offer virtual tours and other similar technologies?

Yes. The COVID-19 pandemic made people more reliant on technology when buying things, and purchasing a home will not be an exception. 

The lockdown may be over, but many people are still scared of contracting the virus. It will be long before they feel comfortable exploring physical display homes where a bunch of strangers went. 

In that case, builders need to invest in virtual tours and other similar technologies. 

Are you interested in knowing how this works? Continue reading this guide. 

What are virtual house tours?

Virtual house tours enable builders to showcase their display homes digitally. These allow their prospects to take an online walkthrough, check out every room with a few clicks of the mouse. The experience is so much better than looking at photos and watching videos because it is more accurate and realistic. 

Click here to view an example.

Without virtual tours, the sales department of home building companies will spend weeks convincing their prospects via chat and call. 

Why spend so much time when you can offer a virtual tour and let your prospects understand your products and services?

With virtual tours, the sales department can entertain dozens and hundreds of prospects in a day. They can identify the ‘hot leads’ or those who are ready to buy and build their new home.

The role of virtual house tours in your sales and marketing strategy

Virtual house tours similar to the example above, is an interactive experience, which boosts your prospect’s engagement with your products and services.

At the same time, this cutting-edge visualisation technology increases brand awareness and improves customer service.

Better customer engagement, better brand awareness, and better customer service result in better business.

Today, 94% of people start their consumer journey online.

When the lockdown happened, more than half of the consumer market of the property industry rely on virtual tours to learn about home designs that builders offer. Now that more people know about virtual tours, it’s time to incorporate virtual tours into your marketing plan.

Talk to a 3D virtual home expert in VIZ360.

Key benefits of having virtual house tours

As 3D professionals, we have nine good reasons why builders must embrace virtualisation technology, particularly virtual home tours.

  1. It saves time
  2. It cuts costs
  3. You generate more website traffic
  4. You decrease your website’s bounce rates
  5. Your social media accounts get more love and followers
  6. You get high-quality, organic backlinks
  7. Your brand stands out
  8. It is more convenient for the company and the client
  9. You provide a realistic experience to remote clients

In our next blog, we will expound each item further and how you can start creating stellar 3D virtual home tours for your home builder business.

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