How Virtual Display Homes are Reforming the Way We Buy Properties Today

Purchasing a new home entails a few time-consuming processes. First, we look up the ideal properties online. Then, we schedule a trip to inspect the house. We repeat these events over and over again before we come up with a decision. But, house hunting just got smarter. With virtual display homes, it is possible for us to tour a property without actually visiting it.


Virtual Display Homes for the AEC industry

Architecture firm Superdraft is already introducing their designs using 3D virtual display homes.

During the planning stage, their architects and designers can meet their client in the office, or they can set up a video conference with them. They share a design which the client can view from his/her desktop computer, mobile devices, and VR headset.

As the client inspects the design, the architect takes note of his/her feedback and make changes real-time for them to see.

Virtual display homes are allowing the two parties to work on the design remotely. Their architects and designers can now work with overseas clients with ease. They can engage a faraway client efficiently in the design process too. This technology is enabling the client to customise the floorplans, fittings, and finishes… and it lessens their fear and frustration.


How Virtual Display Homes are Reforming the Way We Buy Properties Today
Interactive virtual display homes allow the client to personalise the interior design and decor.


Builders and property developers can use the same technology to give their clients a richer home-buying experience.

For instance, granny flat builders can create a virtual display home for each of their ready-made designs. They can use it to give their clients an experience of moving around the interiors of the flat. Clients can compare one structure to another and be able to make the right choice.

Same goes for property developers. They can show the buyer a 3D virtual display of a suburban house or an urban high-rise residential unit. Above all, they can use it to sell properties that are not even built yet.


A showroom in our pocket

Businesses interested in using virtual home displays to engage their clients better can must choose an excellent visualisation company to help them. Companies offering VR content sprout like mushrooms, but only a few produce work that wows the customers.

This is how the visualisation artists in VIZ360 can help you:

  1. We create virtual display homes that have a 360-degree floor-to-ceiling view of the property.
  1.  Your clients can tweak and tailor the design to suit their taste.
  1. Our viewer has a tab for colour and product selection, which makes it easy for your clients to change furniture pieces and finishes.
  2. The visuals are photorealistic and immersive that your clients will feel like they’re inside the room. They can move from one spot to another too!

With our virtual display homes, you’re showing more than an interactive floorplan. You let your clients see a fully-furnished house. You allow them to experience how spaces relate to one another. And, you give them an idea of the type of furniture and decor that suits them.

Contact us today so we can discuss how we can help you and your business.