VR in School? New Study Confirms that Students Find VR Lessons Useful

Virtual Reality technology is on its way to widespread adoption. To start, students as young as preschoolers and college kids think that VR in school is legendary. In fact, 73% of students interviewed by the popular online learning platform Brainly said that VR is valuable to their studies.

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In Brainly’s survey, they asked the students whether their school uses VR to explain certain subjects or lessons. More than 54% of the respondents said their school already use VR programs in their curriculum.

When the school integrates VR technology into their curriculum, the more effective it becomes. And, if VR is a part of the curriculum, the school must invest in VR hardware and software.

Choosing a VR hardware

Schools that invest in mobile VR apps tend to invest in more reasonably priced VR devices like Google Cardboard ($10).

Imagine a Biology class using VR to explore land and underwater habitats.

Or an Astrology class using VR to explore the Solar System and beyond.

Plus, students get to take these affordable VR headsets home to help them study at home.

Schools also invest in expensive headsets. Tethered or standalone, these headsets stay in school and inside special rooms called VR Labs. Students share the headsets and the teachers launch their VR lesson in the laboratory’s computer.

How students find value in VR

Mass media plays a huge role in a student’s interest in virtual reality technology.

For one, they are exposed to location-based VR experiences and games like Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. IMAX opened VR centres in movie theatres. Dreamscape created VR arcades starring their characters.

All of these location-based VR experiences and games found in malls and parks are one of the reasons why students welcome VR in school. These, plus the increasing volume of 360-degree content available online are the reasons why young people embrace VR tightly.